Sunday, July 19, 2009

American WasteLand after Obama

Whats left?
Cap and trade= Ruination of all small business.
Taxes Taxes Taxes...No one but the Rich can afford to do anything.
Liberals have cut OUR United States Constitution into pieces, Too many to ever glue back together, Illegals now have free Tax Payer paid health care and run rampant in Our country. The libtards have mandated old cars from our highways and there are NO construction jobs anywhere, Coal fired power plants shut down because of Liberal mandates, 55% unemployment, The Libtards have taken our guns so we can not even hunt wildlife, millions starving, Fema camps abound, This is the change they voted for. The government will mandate a car for you from Obama Motors if and only if you qualify. Because of liberals Asia and the Middle East own this country now.
The UN will have complete and utter control of all laws and business's Marshal Law will be in effect for all who are still alive, Except Big Government employee's.
The libtards of this country shredded our Bill of Rights and our Constitution.
Tossing our freedoms and liberty's out the window.
The new One World Order is here, and it is here now.
This is the Change that was voted in by unsuspecting Blacks and young people.
This is the Change that voter fraud can buy, This the tax payer stimulus dollars was the payback to the Banking Industry for getting Obama voted in.
This people is the "C H A N G E" That the new President speaks of.
Controlling the people, is indeed the goal of the Liberal Democrat....Period
In 2012 Illegal aliens will be voting in that election in order to keep this Fake Messiah is power. That people is the change you voted for.
Oh Boma hasn't kept any campaign promises, He is just a liar and a tax tax and spend spend Liberal nothing more.
Wake up America, or soon you will be dying in a Fema concentration camp.
The Liberal BIG Government will take your gun, house, car, liberty, freedom, family, and your life. Is this truly the C H A N G E you were seeking at election time?

Thanks Vance Keaton
Phoenix AZ


  1. Vance

    I completely agree with you, The Libo Crats are going to ruin this country, They want us to become europe. They are selling our freedoms out the window, They drive Nissans and wonder why the economy crashed, They are blind.
    "Change" what the hell is it except an american prison without freedom.

    Thanks Gary in Ohio

  2. So - where do I join the No Real Acumen (NRA) group?