Thursday, August 6, 2009

My Thoughts!!!!!!!!!

Now Dear LibTards AKA OhBumbaBots

Do you mean to tell me that you do not believe that a HIGH % of Real and True Americans arent tired of YOUR Liberal ways and your agenda?
Your Government Health care will Bankrupt the country, But I guess that is what you truly want.
"Hospitals Closed"
"More Job loss"
"More welfare government entitlement programs"
You people truly do not have a clue of what your programs will do to our country.
Look what your liberal imports have done to our economy, Look what Barney Frank and Acorn did to the housing market, Just wait for the collapse of the commercial real estate market
It is going to be more economic hell.
This country and its people are looking more and more at history and what our forefathers said about government these days,
The “Tea Parties” are working.
As a matter of fact the protests are working so well That the liberal media isnt showing the massive protests on your tv, They are actually trying to cover up what us real and true Americans are doing to fight the effect of liberals in government.
How's that trillion dollar stimulus working for ya?
Why do European's and Canadians come to American when they have a health related issue?
The real and true people of this country, Do not want Socialized Medicine...Period
You liberals are treading on our country, and many many people here do not like what your doing.
Its time for our country to just say enough. And we are like it or not.
We are sick and tired of your Globalism Socialism ways...Period
You will see this in the next election.
Many democrats will fall, They have given this country away and its time to take it back.
And we are tired of this “Green” garbage..its the same nonsense as Global cooling was in the 1970's.
Oh yes all of you told us “The next Ice Age is coming” and it didn't.
You people are up ultra liberal hypocrite AL Gores behind.
All the while making millions while rubbing your noises in it.
I am a real and true American, Oh yea I still fly “Old Glory” everyday for which you hate.
I am an Army vet, for which you dislike, I drive only American cars which you despise.
I believe in the US Constitution and Bill of Rights for which you all think is just a two hundred year old piece of paper that was written by slave owners and you can wipe your ass upon.
You poor poor entitlement adoring pukes make me sick.
You need and want the US OH Boma Government to take care of you all...How sad.
For me I want the federal reserve abolished and I want the US constitution put back the way it was in 1776. I am a real American thou so you wouldn't understand
I also am an NRA member and believe in my right of self protection. Unlike most of you.
A revolution is coming to this country and from what I see more and more people are thinking like me.
Look Guns stores are sold out...Period
Look More and more people are now buying American vehicles.
I see more flags flying then in years past.
So in all reality, It looks like I win.
I will pray for all of you, Because I realize that you do not appreciate God or Church or a belief in a Higher power.


  1. Vance
    You are so right.
    My friends traded their Toyota for a Ford F-150
    and they stopped shopping at wal mart.
    We as a Country and a People need to band together to get our country back
    and I do believe it is happening.

    Mark Canon
    Navy Vet Canton Ohio

  2. I agree with what you say Vance,and have seen your posts on the topix forums,and you are one of the few that post there that has any sense at all.Keep up the good work.

  3. Thank you
    and Thanks to all the Real and True Americans out there fighting for whats right for this great and proud country... Vance

  4. "You have NO RIGHT to healthcare...Period

    But you do however have the RIGHT to take care of yourself

    If I were in office
    I would do my best to stop all "entitlement" programs for all......Period
    Because they should have never been started in the first place.....!!!

  5. Thank god people are finally coming to their senses and realizing that Barack Hussein Obama is not the person he made himself out to be.

    The American public needs to STOP Obamacare. End of story.

    Fred Cahill
    Wilmington North Carolina