Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Dear Tea Party Members

Socialism/Communism is indeed here brought to you by Nancy Pelosi Harry Reid Mr. BH Oh Bama

However “Do not use violence or racism” to get your point a crossed.

This is what the Leftists want. Be calm and cool Please!

Oh Bama will pass Marshal Law , and this is what The Oh Bama administration is waiting on. So please please People remain calm.

The liberals and progressives can not wait to pass more Gun Ban legislation, So please Tea Partiers’ do not start violence of any kind.

“Code Pink and the ACLU” can get by with it, But you can not… Period

Stand up for your God given rights by all means but remain calm.
No treats or name calling or violence is required.

The best way to handle this is come November Vote them all out of office “PERIOD”

They are going to try and pass illegal immigration reform.
This will allow 9 million illegal’s the chance to VOTE
And also allow 4 million convicted felons to also vote again
The Far Left is indeed desperate, they need this to win in 2012
Do not give them this opportunity.

The left believes we get our rights from Big Government instead of God
This is because the liberal progressive democrats are mostly atheists.
This is because the liberal progressive democrats are mostly communists.

People just look what is happening in the Country.

Glenn Beck is completely correct on all issues here. Pay attention.
Do you want America back?
Or will you be happy with it becoming Eastern Europe at it is now?

Wake up Americans!!!

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  1. i agree we as americans should have every right to take are country and land back, if we give in the liberals will now tell us what we can and cannot due, i for one will not stand for that
    dan phoenix AZ