Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Messiah and Company

President Obama will now use racism to promote his Communism.
He knows what is best for you Because as an American citizen you are stupid, So you know that BIG Government knows whats best for you all.
I mean Oh Bama attended Havard paid for by the Palistienians so he knows what is best for you. and that is called Socialism/Communism.
Because he was advised by Van Jones his wonderful buddy.
and also he has several other communists with him at the Wright House.
No one was called a N*gger or was spat upon either...Its all a lie!
But the Left will continue to push this nonesense Because they need to make this about race. They will try to pass marshal law and the Messiah and the Communists will try to take American Citizens guns away soon, and Try to get 8 million illegals the Government given RIGHT to vote soon. See this is what happens when you get your Rights from Big Gov instead of GOD, God wont take them away But Government will.
Ohbama and the Communists hope that there will be a race riot so they can get involved.
The Oh Bama goal is to do one thing, Cause complete and utter caos in this country and Bankrupt the Country. It will be easier to pass un constitutional bills that way.
Have you paid attention that Government is exempt to the Healthcare bill.
They do not have and will not have what you have.
You democrats need to wake the Fck up, Oh Bama is Raping you and us and this country.
This is why the democrats aka Liberals/Progressives hate FOX news.
They would rather have you watch the ED show on MSNBC to get you Brainwashed away from the real truth.
We must as a Country vote all Communists out come November and 2012

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