Saturday, March 13, 2010

whats wrong with our children?

A nation of losers and lazy entitlement lovers.
Murderers get out of prison on good behavior, and live to kill again, when they should have been executed. Lawyers represent terrorists rather than good people that just made a mistake.
People drive Toyota's rather than American
children cant explain what the US Constitution means.
Liberals and Progressives have ruined our country, Teachers unions keep bad teachers from being fired.
Groups such as Acorn promote failure.
And we have a country filled with illegals.
Textbooks and liberal teachers do not even teach Real American history.
They slur our history and founders, They make creeps like Bill Ayers look like hero's.
My cousin is a 6th grade teacher and she isn't allowed to fail a student, she has to give everyone at least a 50% grade, because no one can fail, This is absolutely nuts, If they play softball and the winning team wins a trophy then the losing team also gets a trophy, Because there are no losers.
We have raised a nation full of losers, and they have been raised to need Government entitlements.
We are raising our children to be failures. This is absolutely awful, when they get out into the real world they are totally lost, Because liberals have ruined them and they have no clue how to be productive individuals, and teachers and the school board do this on purpose, to head this country toward complete communism, Its called indoctrination. MMMM MMMM MMM Ba rack Hussein Oh Ba ma, The story of stuff, teaching anti capitalism, These poor children will never be able to stand on their own two feet, But parents have allowed this to happen, its a shame, They are too busy talking bull shit on their cell phones and driving their Honda's to pay attention. They do not write their congressmen or senators, Because they are so involved in their lives to truly care, its a true shame.
I had two children come to my home selling books for their school and they saw that I have the USA flag and the POW MIA flag, and they asked “Why do you have those” I thought holly crap, These kids are age 10 or 11 and they know nothing about supporting America or our lost military members,
This is the next generation? WTF!!! These young people wont join the military because they have no idea how important Home Land Security is , They haven't learned it in school and their parents do not tell them, These children have NO IDEA who Daniel Boone or Davy Crockett are.
But they can wear their jeans down at their ass and use cell phones to test a friend..Wow!
We truly are raising a new generation of losers.
Thank heaven hopefully the Great State of Texas can get the American textbook situation under control and these liberal/progressive communist wanting teachers union members will be forced to finally teach the truth about America. That this country is great, and without our efforts around the world it wouldn't be a wonderful place. We as Americans have literally helped everyone in need.
If not for us, France would now be Nazi Germany.
We need to teach our children that the US Constitution is in place thanks to our forefathers to protect us from Government, Not the other way around, We also need to teach the children that Government officials work for us, We the People of this United States of America are their employers.
And that we pay taxes for home land protection, and that is the only place that our tax dollars should be used, it should'nt be used for entitlement programs period!
Now I know we have communist's here that will disagree But that is just how it is.

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