Thursday, April 29, 2010

Illegals in America

Illegal’s why are they here? Because our country wont lock down the Mexican border, Democrats along with Republicans wont touch the subject and haven’t for years period
They want to be politically correct and not offend anyone. PLEASE!
The law is the law period. We are a nation of laws correct?
These anchor babies are allowed to say in this country and the parents and then the parents have their uncles, brothers, cousins whom are here illegally stay with them, and Liberals are A OK with this and take the side of illegal’s instead of their own fellow citizens.
What’s wrong with this? But if a Black man or a White man was to harbor a cousin or uncle that committed a minor crime those same liberals would want life in prison for their own kind, But they would allow an Anchor family to harbor illegal’s for years and say nothing.
Isn’t the crime the same? Harboring a criminal!
The answer “Yes it’s the exact same”
It’s against the law to harbor a criminal and yet these people do it day in and day out, and our Government does nothing.
Isn’t Obama’s aunt still in our country illegally?
Answer “Yes she is” so isn’t Obama a criminal for harboring her here? What wrong with this picture people!!
What right is right and what is wrong is wrong.
We are indeed a nation of laws are we not?
Jan Brewer in the great state of Arizona has guts to take this on.
Our own Federal Government did nothing to help.
That in itself is called dereliction of duty is it not?
A crime that could lead to a Federal Court Marshal right?
So where is Mr. Obama in all of this? On the side of these people whom are in this country “against the law” That is where he is at.
A double standard? at a Rally in Mexico against the new Arizona immigration law
Mexican President Felipe Calderón criticized the new Arizona immigration law on Monday, saying that it "opens the door to intolerance, hate, and discrimination."* So how tough are Mexican immigration laws?
pretty strict, but not often enforced. Until recently, entering Mexico without proper documentation was a felony punishable by up to 10 years in prison
We also must go after these people who hire undocumented people
hit them with huge fines, No jobs means these illegals have to leave
They wouldnt come here in the first place if we werent making their lives better, We must crack down on all.

Speak up people “Patriots” of America; Get your state to follow Arizona in the charge.
Thanks, and that is my opinion Vance
Phoenix AZ

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  1. What really distubs me is people make their ignorant comments about this bill and they haven't even read it. This is just an SOP on how to enforce federal law that's in the books. Law enforcement is required to enforce any law. Can you imagine local law enforcement not responding to a bank robery? It's against federal law after all.