Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Democrat/Socialists Plan

See now they need a game changer, we have caught on to their rules for radicals approach. So what will be the next new thing?
Immigration reform, amnesty for illegal’s? Maybe
But we simply can not take the chance on it now can we, The Times Square Bomber “Faisal Shahzad” has only been a Citizen of the USA for One year and he already wants to blow this country into shreds, What would other illegal’s do if they were here for ten years? And then out of the goodness of our hearts we just gave them amnesty.
They could burn down entire neighborhoods now couldn’t they?
I personally as an American citizen strictly am not going to be for any kind of liberal amnesty program, oh hell no!
We simply can not take that chance. Sort and deport is the better option period.
Nothing else will work.
But these democrats will try something; Look at Rep. Gutierrez's should be on trial for treason, Period He takes the side of illegal’s over the citizens of his state. This is a true Democrat Socialist.

The Mexican consulate office in Las Vegas has been overwhelmed with Mexican nationals asking a lot questions after the immigration law in Arizona. Tuesday May 5th 2010 the Mexican embassy officials in Nevada assure to Mexican nationals are safe in Nevada, stating Arizona's laws may not apply there this is true Democrat Socialist’s
These things are happening all over this Country, We the people are truly being misled by democrats, I am hopeful that more USA Citizens will wake the heck up, We have got to get these treason’es people out of office and take back this country like patriots, Or give up our country to Communists, Liberals, Socialists, Bleeding hearts who intend on the ruination of America.
Give me liberty or give me death “Patrick Henry”
Please my fellow Americans grow a set and write every Government person you know and tell them we have had enough and we aren’t going to just lye down and take it anymore.
Thanks Vance Keaton Phoenix AZ “We are a Country of Laws”

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