Sunday, May 30, 2010


Financial Reform Bill “FranknDodd”

Ask yourselves what does this monstrosity do for me, well actually nothing, is the right answer. BUT if you are Big Government well then it does allot.

It is going to make it so much easier to repossess your vehicle, foreclose on your home, and take your small business away from you and much much more. See the Obama administration just wants to help you.

Just as they gave bank of America $25 Billion dollars to help you, The American citizens to modify your mortgages and help you stay in your homes. However only ONE in Ten families got help, isn’t that great?

“FranknDodd” will be the same way, Don’t ya’s just love this administration. Man they truly love you citizens and it shows right.

THE “Financial Reform Bill” oh it’s going to be great!!

Obama’s corrupted power that be at work, Barney Franks and Chris Dodd oh golly what a pair, Do these two guys ever know monies, wow I am impressed. Didn’t one of these guys get a special deal from country wide and the other stated on National TV that there wasn’t any problems with Fannie and Freddie. Oh man you certainly have to love these great financial leaders.

Now these ultra liberal socialistic democrats will just come in and take what ever they want from you and they have the Obama seal of approval isn’t that wonderful.

Well Americans you should start stashing as much true cash as you possibly can now, Because another stock market crash is just right around the corner and with the FranknDodd on the books, You truly will not have anything to look forward to anymore as far as your American financial future.

I hate having to be the one to tell you this, But work harder and save less the liberal democrats are counting on your monies


Vance Keaton Phoenix AZ

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