Saturday, May 22, 2010

Immigration Reform Really?

If our President wanted reform then they would have it, This democrat congress is so liberally powerful that with a stroke of his multiple pens it could happen, But is it a complete power play, if it wasn't it would have already been done, Look they literally “Shoved” Health care down every Americans throat.

The only answer the democrats have is pure Amnesty, The republicans have “NO” Amnesty.

Amnesty surely isn't the answer, if you need an example just look at the Mexican gangs already in our prison systems, Amnesty will not work and the Democrat administration knows this.

That however isn't why they aren't doing it. There is far more to it than that. Its even more political then you will ever know. The liberal Obama administration actually wants race wars in this country, So they can actually be part of the new Civil Rights movement. So they can actually come accrossed as being the real and true Messiah. Then after the war has started and thousands of White Americans are dead then he will pass Marshal Law for the betterment of man kind. Then since there had been a few cases of violence The Obama administration will send the “Brown shirts” out to collect all Citizen owned private guns. People this is the truth Obama is a huge believer in National UN “United Nations” Law.

You left wing zealots will just pawn these truths off as “Oh you Right wingers as so insane” as you always do. But truly all you know is Rules for Radicals, and that is how you have played politics for years, and you know it, You live for changing history and destroying the truths of people and America.

We know you and we will never trust you, We the people of the United States of America have caught on to your tactic's, You can no longer hide, We know you socialists and communists. You actually want amnesty simply because it will allow you to have 7 million new entitlement admirers, aka democrat voters, The thought of this alone will set off race wars in this country and this is what the Obama administration knows, if they hold off on making a discussion to whether that Arizona bill is Constitutional or un Constitutional it will only accelerate the anger in the USA. Eric Holder is the most powerful attorney in our country, He could decide in 15 minutes if this bill is or isn't, But he will not because it is just another political power play, Making comments before reading it isn't reality its is all smoke and mirrors, We all know this Arizona bill is already a totally Constitutional. Because the Federal Government has already had this very same bill for years on its books, So indeed its all just a game to them you see, Because if the all Powerful Obama administration told us that indeed it was constitutional then other states would follow along and we would start seeing results and the illegals would leave this country. But this isn't what they the Obama admin wants, They do not want results they intend to have Obama in for a 2nd term, So therefore they do not want actual good results, This is why they do not intend to listen to polls or what we as the citizens want. Hence forced Health care.

We as the citizens of still a Free Country need to wake up period, Look behind the senses people. Remember Van Jones? You think he is out of the political picture? If you do please think again. He is still heavily connected to the Obama administration for real. Look for what it really is not just what you think it is. In two years I want you to come back to this blog and if you still have the freedom and leave me a comment to if you think I was right or wrong on this matter.

Because these democrats will find a way to interrupt your Internet freedom and you 1st amendment freedoms, Trust me they will. Mr. Messiah carries a “BlackBerry” but condemns others for the same.

This is what we truly call a dictator indeed. He absolutely must be voted out of office come 2012 if you still have that freedom, Because if for any reason he passes Marshal law before this election there will not be any election come 2012 period.

Is this the Rahm , Axelrod, Pelosi, Obama goal?

It does seem that way to many Americans, How does it seem to you?

Ask yourself is this what you expect in the United States of America?

We all must encourage our senators to work for us, You citizens are their employers.

My Thoughts Vance Keaton Phoenix Arizona, aka A state with a Backbone still!!!!!


  1. Dear "Roger Anderson"

    You are truly a FAR FAR LEFT Communistic piece of Scum, I wouldnt ever go by anything you had to say period.
    People like yourself, Messiah voters will never be respected for the ruination of America.
    So go ahead and spread your trash and stay wright up Ohbama's a hole I could truly care less, Keep driving your ugly little un american toyota and flying the white flag of surrender as you weak liberal lefties always do No Matter

    Signed Vance

  2. Roger I will no longer post your comments
    YOU are by far the worst left winger I have ever had.
    Please no longer discrase my blog with your utter nonsence....Thanks Vance

  3. So you are okay with a society driven by paranoia of who belongs and who doesn't? I understand your problems with "Illegals" but cant we agree we have failed with immigration for last 50 years?
    With that being said maybe just say lets start over, all immigrants report and you shall receive amnesty and get them in the tax paying system.. So we can have a peaceful ending as oppose to authoritarian resolution?
    Once we have everyone accounted for then start the strict harden immigration laws?
    You have to agree with me here Vance, allowing any government to start searching people without probable cause; because they may look like out of towners is just wrong
    (& unconstitutional)?

  4. If the AZ bill is considered to be UnConstitutional Then by all means the Federal Law must be REALLY UnConstitutional correct?
    Federal officers need absolutely NO Reason to ask you for papers Bill......wake up ok