Sunday, May 9, 2010

What in the Hell is wrong with our country today?

Well allow me to tell you whats wrong,
Look at most of these blogs on here and you will see it for what it is, No One Cares!!! about anything but them selves period, Family and friends Family and friends, having a good time, "Oh did you hear" Sara had a baby, Mark bought a new Nissan, Sally's kid is going to college, Bob just got a new I phone, Martha is getting her teaching degree, Mark's son broke his arm, Andy and Sara just got a big screen TV, and Cindy and Tony just got a puppy for their children to play with. This is the conversations in these blogs and out in real life at your doctors office the mall wherever there are people. No one gives a good God Damn about this country any more.

People are too busy or just do not care that has turned into a huge problem in this country, Younger people don't pay attention and haven't been taught to care about their country. I am 50 yrs old and back in my day Luckily for me , My Parents pounded in my head that one has to pay attention in these here United States of America if you intend on being a good citizen, But now a days people just take everything for granted. Well not me, The Communists are just over the hill here and few people can see them coming, Is that only because they aren't wearing bright red coats and being led by a band? Holly Cow are people today stupid. They haven't learned a darn thing from our history But they do know that Tom Hank's saved a tree. They cant take the time to look at Greece and see That if We do not cut back on the Big Government entitlements that we could become the next Greece, Why ? Because they havent the time or the simple concern that is why.

Today its all about fun and family and who has what and who went where and who they saw and what they brought back home, Its a sunshine and lollypop society its a butterfly and whip cream enviroment out there. No one talks about our history or what could happen or what will happen. Because its all about the feel good enviroment. People of today would rather simply just not worry about anything. That is the true and real problem with our entire country. Its not all sunshine and lollypops out there and the appeal to cover  it all up is magical indeed, Just watch CNN and you will see it all too clearly.

Will this country wake the hell up before its too late? answer NO


  1. Do we all feel good now?


  2. I don't feel good at all because you are right on this post and i understand just what you mean ....i sincerely think that an armed revolution will soon be upon us and will be led by those who haven't forgotten our nation and will squash the present regime like a rotten tomato and they will suddenly materialize from every corner of america to preserve the american dream without any regard for anything else,,,,and god help those that me what you want but these are my thoughts and also the thoughts of many like myself who are damn fed up with the bullshit

  3. So I cant really disagree with your post today Vance; Individualism has desensitized my generation. People are to consume to find some kind of self-worth in posting status about how they just got 25 cows in farm-ville.
    Now I would like to rise this question to you Vance!
    The Right wing is afraid of Big Government; and the left wing is afraid of Big Business.
    What happens when Big Business and Big Government are already hand and hand?

  4. Well Mr. Blizzard that is already happening isnt it. Its called socialism and OhBama is putting all those pieces together, Unlike you I want Big Business to make profits,They put our country to work and make our country strong industrally, But we do not want them to be able to collasps our economy either, so we need a balance, Big Government ruins business, regulations, mandates, all that drives up the prices is GOV.
    So actually we need a little Government BUT we do not need HUGE Government
    Government is supposed to be able to balance the country That is what they are there for.
    Unlike you complete leftists that intend on caddle to grave entitlements. Unlike you Al Gore tree huggers, and anti Tobacco people, That actually ruin the economy in your own anti productive ways. This country wasnt founded upon laziness now was it Bill. The people whom founded this country were all patriots.
    Good bless all who created America

  5. YOU KNOW WHAT? I want people to start to respect others, I want welfare to be very limited, I want people to get off their ass and take care of their own kids! I want people to have self pride! I want people to believe in GOD! YES I SAID GOD......
    I want the goverment to stop helping the other Countrys and put ours FIRST! I want people who rape kids & the elderly truly punished! like put to death! & that go's for all the murder's too! I want to see our kids get taugh by teachers who really care about them! & have the parents support the kids Schools,Teachers etc..(THEY ARE OUR FUTURE, RIGHT?) I Want people to go the extra mile to make their marriage work! Instead of just giving up so quickly? I want American familys to support their Troops ALL THE TIME! NOT JUST WHEN SOMETHING BAD HAPPENS?
    I want the goverment to support WE THE PEOPLE of this counrty!
    & WE THE PEOPLE NEED TO START SPEAKING UP ! Because if we don't nothing will never change......

  6. I realize that I am way behind on posting on these comments,but i just found it.
    One thing about being late is that nothing has changed in fact gotten worse.
    The thing now is the fact that we are all at once very concerned about JOBS finally. This country must start making things instead of buying things from other countries, and I mean the kind of things that everyone needs. I dont mean I-PADS and SMART PHONES and all sort of technology crap. I mean cars, car parts,furiture, clothes,and other things that have been shipped to other countries because we would rather play as opposed to working and I mean SWEAT.
    The USA has become a WANT country not a NEEED country.By this I mean We dont NEED to watch TV all day ,or listen to music all day or whatever. Hell we dont NEED cruise control in our cars. This is why the car makers put an accelerator in cars. Sure this stuff is nice but you DONT NEED it ,You WANT it!!! ( BIG DIFFERENCE IF YOU THINK ABOUT IT) We really needto start doing things for us not every else WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!