Monday, May 10, 2010

Wake the hell up Americans

This Country

We started out as being a free country a nation of laws a Capitalist America. Were idea's were key to your successfulness, The industrial revolution, Think of all that was accomplished.

People could utilize their idea's to make money and have made it in the country.

Then Government and lawyers stepped in and began to start the ruination of our country, Labor unions and entitlements have now brought our country to its knee's, Look people we are Greece, This country will come crashing down on day, Social Security isn't secure at all, Medicare / Medicaid is bankrupted and Obama care isn't going to help a dammed thing period.

Why hasn't our liberal government insisted upon E Verify? WHY!

This country used to be strong and healthy, What happened?

Liberal media, Liberal school teachers, Liberal unions, Liberal Government, Liberal lawyers, ALL have brought this country down One piece at a time.

Socialism doesn't belong in the USA at all. Check out all of the liberals on the supreme court now . This isn't the answer it is the problem.

Why hasn't our Federal Government ever enforced immigration laws?

Answer Liberals wont allow for it, Because it just simply isn't politically correct.

Fort Hood shooting ring a bell here? The lame stream liberal media hoped and prayed that the latest and greatest Time Square Bomber wasn't Muslim.

Wake the hell up Americans, He is Muslim.....Period

But the liberals do not like the term Islamic Terrorist.....Please!!

They are that is exactly what they are isn't it. President Obama started his campaign in the living room of William Ayers an American terrorist.

Who is actual a liberal University professor now, good friends of Andy Stern ECIU union leader, Anything starting to make sense yet?

We all need to overthrow the Government by Voting , That truly is the only way to send a message to Washington.
Thanks Vance Keaton
Phoenix AZ
"Illegals please just go home"

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