Saturday, July 17, 2010

America is a great country people Do more, Enjoy More

Let me tell you all something here, I to am tired of all the name throwing and political rustling , That is taking place in this country, Not all Democrats are bad, Not all Republicans are good, Shit I mean do we not all know this? Sure we have disagreements But they certainly do not need to get out of control right.
When I was a child my parents sure they were political people, and they are lovers of our country, But they never go angry as some are getting today. But back then we didn't live in the hand out society we do now. People worked very hard for what they had, Because they earned it wisely, There were a whole lot less slackers back then, Because didn't appreciate the slacker mentality then, as now they are willing to tolerate it based on political correctness. My Father worked as many as three jobs at one time and never complained, He was the man of the house and this was merely the expectation, Nothing more, Because our parents wanted us to have a life that was better than theirs period. So the people naturally just believed in hard work, earn what you have and been proud of it and take care of it. Now all of that has completely changed.
Its a throw away society isn't it, Well the majority of us Americans are stirring around and starting to pay attention once again aren't we? Learning from our parents and grand parents may have just paid off for some of us, We have to get our children and grand children involved with our country once again don't we, We have to open their young eyes to the greatness of our America, We must spend time with our children showing them the amazement's and beauty of our incredible country, The country that gives us life and pleasure and security, We need to instill upon them that they will become the Stuarts of this land and just how valuable it truly is to their survival and future, We need to give them the values that our beloved forefathers held near and dear to their hearts. We need to begin an American awakening within our own families.
Camping allows for this, I take my children and family on long weekend camping trips, We get to see different aspects of American life and our vast scenic landscapes, America has been filled with fundamental beauties, from sun up to sun down, I urge you to spend time with your families and get off this political roller coaster that we have been riding for a couple of years now, Get out laugh and enjoy yourselves, Teach your children and grand children the value of a dollar, teach what an absolutely glorious country we live in, explain all the trials and tribulations this country has been through to just get to where we are today.
Let them smell the clean air of the mountains and watch the incredible sunsets and sun rises, from around our wonderful nation. The smell of a pine wood campfire, a refreshing walk through the woods in early morning, There isn't anything more affordable or more mind awakening in your entire life then this, I am telling you people, Camping is very affordable to do, You don't need everything to be new to be able to enjoy the great outdoors, Pick things up and yard sales or second hand stores, borrow it from friends, You can get out there today for very little monies, and it will be the best thing you have ever done, You can laugh at your mistakes, and take pride in your successes, There surely isn't anything more fulfilling in this world. The laughs and smiles will be worth the adventure, trust me, Get out there period, There isn't anything holding you back.
You Americans are the finest and best people in the world without a dought, You have stood up to many things that other countries only dream of, You have earned you right to enjoy yourselves.
God Bless you all!!!!

Signed Vance Keaton Phoenix AZ

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