Sunday, July 18, 2010

America’s welfare society

There is a young couple that lives down the street from me, They are in their twenties and have two children, and drive an old ratted out Honda civic and neither have high school diploma’s, and neither have jobs, They are ex drug users and are basically just useless people with no survival skills at all. And they are now raising two children that will grow up being completely helpless just as the parents. Yes they admit to voting for Obama, Yes they admit that they want Government to take care of them because they have it bad.

I offered to purchase the young man a used lawn mower so he could go around and start mowing the neighbors’ lawns for $20 or $30 dollars a pop and make his family some money. His answer to me was “no thanks that would be too hard” So I said so why don’t you sign up for the military, again his answer was completely outrageous, He stated I haven’t got any reason to do that, Other stupid people believe in doing that”

So I said that I did 6 yrs in the US Army, he said “Well that’s you it’s not for me”

This guy is (23) years old Oh My God people, and worst of all is his mother was a school teacher, Can you believe this shit. These kinds of people are the prime example for our country being in the crapper. These are the kind of people that think if my wife and I whom work very hard and long hours and even weekends to make a good living and survive, If we have six loaves of bread , that we should give them three, These are the kind of people that drive around and see someone with a nice boat and a new truck as being rich, and that guy should have to give up the boat that he worked weekends and extra hours to earn and pay for, To the Government to cloth those people up the street.

This isn’t right, I hate this social justice garbage period. Fairness? I say Bullshit period!!

My parents taught me the only way to have anything is thru hard work, end of story.

We have raised an entire section of America basically to be beggars’ and low lives, an entire race of people with the complete lack of self pride, These are the Obama voters, those poor people indoctrinated by unions and liberals. These people are a ruined society.

They will never amount to anything other than an American disgrace, This is all about the have not’s simply wanting to take it from the haves, This isn’t what any of the civil rights leaders of the past wanted for this country, They pleaded for equality, equality to work and earn the same amounts, Equality to be able to live in the same neighborhoods’,

Equality to be able to eat in the same restaurants’, Social Justice isn’t what Martin Luther King fought for No Sir not one little bit, The civil rights movement was purely and simply about Real Equality, Nothing else.

I for one am sick and tired of our new want a handout instead of a hand up society.

We have to get control of this condition in our country by re education these poor, poor liberal indoctrinated people. Take your children aside and have pure and simple one on one conversation with them, Make sure we aren’t creating anymore of these lazy and weak, helpless citizens.

I am asking all people to recognize this is a country wide issue and merely can not just be left alone.

Step forward and help educate your neighbors and friends, Have neighborhood meetings what ever it takes.

Thanks Vance Keaton Phoenix AZ


  1. These type "families" are everywhere. They may or may not be married but generally there are kids involved. What you state is very true, it's sad, but true. The kids will grow up with no coping skills to maneuver life appropriately and most likely will get into trouble with the law and probably end up living like their parents. However, if they do go to school, they may get lucky and find a mentor who changes their outlook and focus on life and it's real meaning. Thus motivating that kid to get educated, or join the military, or a trade school to make the most of his/her GOD given skills.