Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Is the NAACP and the ACLU Corrupted?

Where do "White People" go for help?
The Black Panthers advertise that they need to kill some Crackers, and these two African American organisations do absolutely nothing, Incredible, What do they do instead, They go after the Tea Party people. Isn't that something, Talk about far left views! The Tea Party people are constitutional anti tax people period, Do these two organisations even know that Black people are attending these Tea Parties?
apparently not! But seriously where do White people go cry for help? White people have always worked hard and overcame obstacles on their own, Why do Blacks always need to cry for help? The civil rights movement gave them equal rights under the law right? and most Blacks are good people. So why in the world would these types of organisations have to have such far left views? MSNBC Kieth Olbermann, Chris Matthews, and Ed Shultz are just stirring the pot, These leftist liberals are helping the inflate the race wars in America,  At least Fox news reports it for what it is, Truth! Far leftist views about blacks wanting more socialism gifts for reparations, Some think they are owed for the wrong doing of their 200 yrs ago ancestors.
The hard working good citizen black Americans do not want anything to do with this type of thinking, This is why they attend Tea Parties equally with the White people partners of a common goal.
We as Americans need to put corrupted organisation on a short leash and be watched closely.
These people are radicals of the same magnatude as radical muslims who intend to kill us all.
We as good true Americans that are concerned about this country need to police these corrupted organisations, because our own corrupted Government isnt going to do it, They wouldnt even protect polling places during the last Presidential election, So what does that tell you! and the absolute truth is they knew that this corruption was taking place, and they also were very aware of the Acorn Voter fraud.
Its been proven that Minnesota Convicts where the final votes that elected Al Franken.
Our own liberal government along with these other corrupted organisations are truly a great threat to our liberty and freedom period.
President Obama will have a big push on trying to give 20 million criminally illegal tresspassers Flat out Amnesty, We as real and true honorable forefather loving Americans have to police all these policys ourselves, Do not expect anything from the leftist run whitehouse.
Please people take control back for we the people, Write all of your government people and stay on them.

Thanks Vance Keaton Phoenix AZ


  1. 0 comments because everyone reading this is just as corrupted.

    The truth is they don't want the truth.

    1. the truth is they can't handle the truth.

      Anytime a blog stands up to the left they will get either ignored or ridiculed with ad homin attacks.

      I often wonder where the ACLU is when a white person needs help. If a church is having a problem with crime such as a series of break ins the ACLU is NOT at their side.

    2. ACLU should represent BOTH sides to be fair on issues and come up with the best compromise instead of favoring blacks and inmates.

  2. Look it up but churches give the most donations to needy people here and in developing countries that are ran by governments that don't give a rats ass about basic needs unless it brings money to their coffers.

    There has NEVER been Christians protesting on the streets with signs like death to unbelievers or death to whatever political view they are fighting for and they always get their permits as required without blocking stores.

    Now tell me how many liberal views shout out death or persecution to those who are against them.