Monday, July 12, 2010

Have you ever been to Mexico?

The Country of Mexico is such a corrupted shit hole, No wonder these illegals want to come to America, Have you ever been to Mexico? Its a poor and filthy land for certain.

The Government is indeed corrupted, The Police departments are entirely corrupted.

You cant tell the real cops from the fake cops, The main industry of Mexico is drugs.

BUT with saying that, why is it that it has always just been that way.

DO these Mexican people have no back bone to over throw their own corruption?

Why would they I guess, simply because it is far too easy to just run to America for help. But what happens is they bring their crime, corruption and filth over here with them, because it simply is too hard to leave that behind when they pack up and come here criminally, Because its all they know, They truly do not know how to get by in life with out stealing and taking from others, and this is why they all need to be sent home, Back to their Mexican way of life in their home country of Corruption Central “Mexico” Thank GOD Jan Brewer the Governor of Arizona has more courage then anyone right now, Standing up for her states people, is doing something that our own corrupted government refuses to do. Our own law makers in congress are ever so weak when it comes to doing what is indeed right for our own country.

I will vote for Mrs. Brewer over and over, Because I respect her, Unlike others in our Government. Because I do not want the great state of Arizona to become a third world country such as Mexico period! , I surely do not want it to become a sanctuary state like liberal/socialistic California. Where their own farmers cant get water for their crops.

Obama “O Mighty” and Eric “Black Panther” Holder need to stop being Anti American and get off their socialistic high horse and start protecting We the People.

I hope that the state of Arizona wins this SB 1070 case, and then sues our Feds for dereliction of duty, Because the “Crime Inc” Obama government is in violation of its Constitutional duties for certain. Our own Crime Inc liberal/Socialistic Obama Axelrod Pelosi Government is on the side of criminally illegal Mexicans rather than We the People of the United States of America, This is certainly wrong and it is liberal corruption at its utmost best. I don't care what side of the aisle your on about this, But you know whats right and wrong here, In November I will not be voting for any democrats period. They do not have our countries best interests in mind.

The only answer to the criminally illegal problem is Catch, Sort, and Deport.

I am completely against a road to citizenship aka Amnesty program, It has already been tried and purely did not work, so no need to do it once again period.

I suggest you all take a hold here and dig in for the fight.

Thanks Vance Keaton Phoenix AZ

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  1. I also will vote for Mrs. Brewer over and over, Because she is a american hero,Unlike others in our Government.I do not want the great state of Arizona to become a third world country such as Mexico period!
    Dan Phoenix AZ