Sunday, July 11, 2010

McCain is a liberal and Obama is a liberal, No difference

Child Protective Services started this entire liberal/progressive disaster in America; People no longer had control of their children. This is where our country started to take a big dump. Parents gave up on their children period.

High School drop outs became the new street walkers and protesters, entitlement admirers, the new un educated, voters.

Better known as liberals, the new breed of far left indoctrinated people.

They adore Hugo Chavez and Hate George Washington.

They strut around bashing oil companies while drinking bottled water, totally unaware of their own plastic made from oil bottle that they toss to the ground for someone else to pick up. The do not realize that their designer athletic shoes where made from oil, or that the dashboard in their Toyota is manufactured from oil, All they know is this “Oil Companies are Bad” because my Liberal President Barrack Hussein Obama told us so, So it must be so. Liberals truly are indeed the worst kind of people in the world.

They don’t like cigarette smoking, so they shut down Tobacco Farmers in the south and literally put thousands of people out of a JOB, This is their way of getting even, and everything they do is radical and hurts our country.

Just look at the radical violence of the Canadian G-20, they certainly weren’t the Tea Party people now were they. Did you witness any burnt Police Cars at any of the Tea Parties? Answer NO! These liberals want to take your rights away, but want to give radicals more, does this make any sense?

This country is on a path of complete and utter destruction because of liberal’s period. Liberals Both Republicans and Democrats equally. John McCain is a liberal and Obama is a liberal, No difference, Only Party!

We need to bring good old common sense back to our country, That is indeed the only way to save it. Obama wants to take credit for more boots on the ground on the Arizona border, Ok But what he doesn’t tell ya’s is this, George Bush hired more Border Patrol agents before he left office. Please Mr. O grow up. You can not take credit for something Bush did, and it also is about damm time for Mr. O to start taking some kind of responsibility, instead of constantly Blaming Bush, The people are sick of Mr. O and the blame game period.

Sure the new indoctrinated liberal/socialists like it, its somewhat radical, But true Americans are simply done with it, and will never vote for Obama the denier ever again, They learned from their mistake and will not repeat it come 2012. Right now it is a whole lot easier to make a comparison to the Black Panther Party than the democrat party when it comes to our new President. And Americans are finding that is real bad.

Thanks Vance Keaton Phoenix AZ

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