Sunday, July 25, 2010

What do we want in our Government Representatives?

We the People of the United States of America

What do we want in our Government Representatives?

Answer "George Washington"

We want a strong, stern man Like the Great George Washington

Honesty is the best policy

No Chicago Politics Period

No More John "I cheat America because I am wealthy enough to own a Yacht" Kerry

No More I am too good to pay my taxes Charlie Rangel

We the people do not want any more Lawyers, Attorneys, Judges, Lobbyists, as members of congress or the senate, These people cant represent us period. How in the hell can these rich hogs at the American Trough Represent us the actual people of America.

They right 2300 page bills "WHY"? to somehow justify what they do, and write them in ways that the average middle class American cant even understand what all of it mean, Why? because we aren't Lawyers and Judges, We are hard working people in manufacturing, construction, firemen, policemen, national guard members, health care workers, We the people do the work that these born with a silver spoon people couldn't do.

Why do they live in million dollar homes and we live in $60,000.00 homes.

Why is the average wage of we the people workers of the USA at $54,000 a yr, and the average Government worker at $84,000.00, a $30,000.00 a yr difference? why are they so special? We the people need to change this, It has to be an American Goal.

Charlie Rangel has been in Congress for 40 yrs..Whats wrong with that picture.

We surely have absolutely NO reason to have career politicians

We must , must have term limits!!! This has to be an absolute Goal for our Future.

These people truly do not represent our we the people best interests.

Our Government is too big and too out of control period.

2010 and 2012 is the time to take this corrupted government back for the people.

Smaller government, Lower taxes, Honor and honesty has to be re installed in Washington now. Communism is inside the White House this is truly unacceptable in America!

I like you want my Representatives to come from the we the peoples of the world.

I want only constitutional people, honorable people, people with integrity, I do not look forward to any government people using "Rules For Radicals" on Us the American people, and if they do then we the people should require them to get tossed out on their liberal racist progressive rears period.

Do you think that Eric Holder or Barney Frank should have a better house then you do? aren't they supposed to be by the people for the people of the people? How can they be if they do not come from where we come from? Wouldn't you prefer to have your government people actually have come from the people?
How can they legitimately represent you if they haven't? If they have came from wealthy silver spoon families then how can they represent YOU Period?!
If they have themselves way up on a pedestal above you the people, Then truly what will they give you?
They have no idea about we the regular people of this United States..Period!
That God for this grass roots effort from these Tea parties to bring some of this out into the open.
Truly would you want Charlie Rangal representing you? No not me I'll pass on that Crook

Listen people you can be with me or against me, But we have to do whats right for this country.
If you do not believe that putting your own Government back into the hands of we the people then it is what it is period, You indeed intend to have Communism within OUR USA.
and I indeed intend NOT to have any part of it. This is America!!
So it is now time to wake up speak up and get with it. You all have jobs to do.
Get on the phone and get on the email, Every United States Senator/Congressman has a website Call, or Write and tell them NO More No More rules for radicals NO MORE Socialism NO MORE Communism
NO MORE Bailouts, NO more Corruption.......PERIOD!
Do it not just for you or us But do it for your kids and grand kids.

Thanks for listening
Vance Keaton Phoenix AZ
Please remember our fallen hero's  POW/MIA


  1. I want to make a point about "the salary of the average Government worker at $84,000.00".

    Before this becomes a stereotype, I'd like to let people know that I've worked for local govt for 18 years, make $41,000/yr and take home more money than most of my fellow workers. I'd say 98% of us make less than $84,000 with many earning in the $20,000-$40,000 range. The work is often very repetitive and menial such as recording home mortgages 150,000 times in a row.

    People often don't realize that there are vast differences between Federal, State, County and City governments. The culture is created by the elected officials. Some offices are pathetic but some are hardworking and quality oriented.

    Let's not lump them all together. Thanks.

  2. Yes I agree, But we Americans are speaking of mostly our Federal System
    Thanks Vance