Saturday, July 24, 2010

A letter to all United States Congressmen & Senators

2010 is the Year of Reset , the year to resist Socialism.

Its time to put America back on the road of a free society, One nation individually, One nation under God.

Lets stop this handout society and build a hand up society, Lets get back to what our forefathers had in mind, Instead of the separation that we deal with now.

This country has moved too far to the left period.

Our founders would be appalled at this nation we have dissolved theirs in to.

Our founders were great men , strong men, intelligent men, and most of all brave men. We the people do not want to give up, What they were willing to give their lives for. We the people are sick and tired of apologies from Obama, We aren't ashamed of our country, We are proud of it, Sure we have had our share of problems, But we are indeed a great diverse Country. Please we need new Re Founders of this country. If we do not put our hard work hats on and get some morals and values back in this country we will have lost it.

We need to balance our budgets' and stop our deficits', Pay our bills and stop borrowing period. We need to bring back American pride and start building things here once again and make this country great. We need to bring back the Pledge of Allegiance, and return to going to church on Sundays as a family. Some where our family value's have been stolen or lost. I beg all American Country men and women to dig in and fight for what you believe, fight for what's right for your country.

We have always been an exceptional country, American exceptionalism! America has always been a nation of hard workers and "We Can Do" When I was a child no one ever used to say "I Can't" So we the people do not want to hear it now.

I want a President and a Government that has a back bone, But just know that the major majority of We the People aren't looking for Government to play a part in every part of our everyday lives, We are more or less better off left well enough alone. But we do want "Strong Border Security" We want sensible regulations but not to be over regulated, We want the United States Constitution to always be followed and protected period.

We expect REAL and True Americans to be in our Government.

We do not want any more luxury yacht owning tax evading liberal socialistic state senators. We have had enough, We want no more Charles Rangel's corruption.

No More John McCain flip flopping, No more idiots such as the likes of Anthony Wiener, Enough already!!!

If people are representing us then by god it is only right they be of us, for the people, by the people. How else will the actually know what's important to us. I am so glad that Americans of all races and political parties are waking up. Its about time.

Now its time for our Too Big Government to also wake up.

No more Grants for Whale research when Americans are homeless and starving period.

No More Bailouts when our country is going to be bankrupted.

We the people live on a budget and our Government needs to also.

Please Government we are asking you to support our views and to stop looking past your nose and agreeing that you know what's best for us. Please just stop it. We are your employers. Please acknowledge us!

Sincerely Vance Keaton

Phoenix AZ

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  1. We need to balance our budgets' and stop our deficits', Pay our bills and stop borrowing period. We need to bring back American pride the word pride use to be very important,now americans are getting away from pride and workmanship to who can build it the cheapest,
    dan Phoenix AZ.