Friday, September 17, 2010

Lets get back to America

Dare to dream, Back to a day when America was a great country, When the far left was far away.
When we didn't have Ed Shultz and Keith Olbermann self proclaimed communists on your American TV screen, a day when your parents drove American made automobiles. A day when people flew the American flag every day of the year.
Our clothing was American made, our food was American grown and packaged.
Most didn't know what un employment was, Americans were a proud brave adventurous people.
We must elect tea party "True Constitutional" canidates.
The progressive movement must come to a screeching halt this year , and must be stopped for years to come. Our country is in grave danger of being ran by the United Nations its the Progressive agenda.
We the People must again step up to the plate and take Government back for and by the people.

Come on American People........Vote G O P and J O B S in November

Thanks Vance Keaton
Phoenix AZ


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