Saturday, September 25, 2010

Let try and get our Country back

As most of my followers know, I grew up on a large ranch in the country around just good ole hard working regular folks. Neighbors helped each other out and it was a kinder gentler nation then.
Our days where simple and there weren't interruptions from cell phone calls, We ate better more nourishing meals with our families. We have certainly gotten off track here the last few years haven't we?
Americans used to go to church and raise their children right, Teachers used to teach our children and earn a wage, for their performance,  Unions used to be good for the American worker, I have watched this all on its way to failure. Right now as we speak the collapse of America is happening and has been happening for the past few years. Teachers unions have ruined teachers, Labor unions have ruined the workers, and our Government has ruined our people. In turn our children are lacking education and the people have become dependant upon progressive government. Who ever thought this would happen?
One thing we all need to remember about our liberal government and the socializing of America, Just know that 98% of Europeans voted for Adolf Hitler, and you know what happened there.
Obama was elected by a huge margin also, Does that wake you up to whats happening here?
Hitler nationalized the banks, schools, factories, Before he nationalized its people. Remember that!
And Yes I am comparing Barrack Obama to Adolf Hitler just in case you were wondering.
Liberals do it to George Bush all the time, So turnabout is indeed fair play.
I certainly hope that in November that "We the People" are awake and ready to reverse Obama's transformation of our country. We need to un transform our country and only elect George Washington type people to our Government. The left calls them the fringe, We call them Constitutional.
The left calls them Tea baggers, We call them Patriots.
The left calls them conservative loons, We call them Capitalists.
People like Harry Reid have got to be put out to pasture, He has ruined the great state of Nevada and indeed our Country and its people and children with his Progressive Socialistic ideals.
He has made the once great people of this country take a back seat and a free ride with his big government idea's. I am asking all Americans to wake up and smell the coffee here today.
Is your idea of our America supposed to be a liberal utopia? aka " Total Government"
Or the land of opportunity , the American dream?
I ask every citizen to think about your answer and think about your people, your families, co workers, all people you know, and do whats best for all of them.

Thank you, Sincerely Yours  Vance Keaton
                 Phoenix AZ

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  1. Vince: Very good article, your right the majority of the american have there eyes closed and let there kids run ramped.
    The next election is coming ahead,if everyone stands up and vote,we still have time to take the country back and keep jobs and business here,
    Dan Phoenix AZ