Saturday, October 2, 2010

United Nations take over

President Obama and the liberals are working behind the scenes to have the United Nations take over Governing the United States, Don't believe me?

Then why did Hillary Clinton involve the U.N. in commenting on the Arizona law SB 1070!

Its all there along with George Soros and the Progressive Democrats.

Read This /nic/PDF_2025/2025 _Global_Trends_Fin al_Report.pdf

or this

or better yet,

Then maybe you will awakening from your utter slumber.

We must push back on these progressives and just plain stupid liberals.

We have to wake up as a Country folks.

Please contact all the State, Local, and Federal Government people you have in your state.

We indeed must make a HUGE Adjustment to our present Government before it is too late.


Vance Keaton Phoenix AZ

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  1. what rights would a american have in Mexico ?? get caught with a empty shell casing,you end up in there prison,now i ask them,what right do we have,none in Mexico or any foreign country we have no rights.
    Dan Phoenix AZ