Monday, October 25, 2010

When will we as a people of the United States of America wake up?

The Progressive Movement in our Country has been allowed to go too far.

Outsiders such as George Soros has way too much influence on the liberal left.

Organizations such as Move On dot Org has too much influence on American elections. Corrupted Unions have way too much influence on our people. They are like cattle led to slaughter during election periods. Liberal School teachers have been brainwashing Indoctrinating our children for years now.

You wonder why your child has socialistic tendencies, Blame the teachers and remember You your self allowed it to happen, right under your nose. You didn't watch what your child was reading or working on. ,This is why your child voted for Barrack Hussein Obama, Next your child will vote for Gun Bans, Socializing our country, Having Illegals vote, Gay Marriage is ok , anything where we the people of the United States of America will be restricted from our Rights is what they will be for. This is what we are fighting and will have to keep fighting in our future, If we want to keep our liberty and our freedoms.

The Progressive Movement must and has to be stopped in its tracks period!

If America continues to elect (Progressives) Our Great Country will have no decent jobs, The Liberal Government will grow even larger, They will take our right to own guns, (Our Protection from Government) away.

You will endure full blown Socialized Medicine aka Rationing!

Face it Folks, We will be the Next Greece indeed.

Is this what you seek? Not me or folks like me.

We have a Constitution, Are you awake yet? Mr. Barrack Hussein Obama states that our Constitution is a failure, Is this what you believe?

The Progressives want a fairness doctrine, Juan Williams ring a bell?

NPR (National Progressive Radio) seems to be using their own type of fairness doctrine don't they? I do believe so.

Juan spoke out about how he felt, and gets fired by a Progressive, Sooner or later this will happen to every and all Americans that speak out in favor of our country, The George Soros funded left will see to it. That's the facts people.

Wake up America! Speak OUT!!!!

Arizona has an Open Carry law, You can carry a handgun on your side in public, and by GOD I take advantage of My Right to Open carry in my state.

Why you may ask, First off its offers me the right to protect myself in the event that I need to use it, Secondly it pisses off Progressives.

There idea of a Progressive Non Gun Non Rights utopia isn't my belief period and will never be. I have no interests in becoming a Communistic Society.

I have no interest in becoming a Liberal, I have no interest in becoming owned by our Government. God takes care of people who take care of themselves.

Yes I believe in our Creator and what our Creator has provided for us.

I want nothing to do with any Progressive Movement, We all know how those have always turned out don't we. I have witnessed many Americans waking up to the fact that the Socialistic/Communistic Left is in charge of the Democrat party. Until my last breath upon this planet , I will fight the left, I shall not give into Communism in my Country. I will always fight for our freedom and liberty.

I have written this week several letters to people in the US Government to abolish Tax Payer funding to NPR. I do not want one dime of my tax monies going to national public radio, Not One dime period. I suggest that you do the same. I also back all Tea Party Candidates, Yes I do! Because this is exactly what it is going to take if we want to get Liberty and Freedom back in our own country. Do not allow the Obama agenda to continue in America, If you do you will always and forever Regret it.

If you feel that I am wrong, Just watch one episode of ( The Ed Show) on Progressive Television on MSNBC. That will say to you all you need to hear about the direction your country is headed.

Ed Schultz in an anti capitalist aka communist. Obama voter Far left person.

He is all about the Fairness Doctrine.

Hitler before the war took over all radio stations and gave the people free radios. Its called Ed Schultz indoctrination.

Ed Schultz knows whats best for you, and you will just hear what he wants you to hear, This indeed is the Progressive Movement at its worst.

Thank GOD that we do have FOX NEWS, So we are indeed allowed the other side of the story. The side that the Progressive Left doesn't want you to have access to. Why do you think they criticize it so much! Fox news leans Right and MSNBC leans (WRIGHT) aka Progressive (Stalin) Left.

Do you like being indoctrinated at all? Left or right!

No wonder so many real and true Americans are going back to their Bible and Guns. I hope several thousand more American citizens are waking up to the realization of what is truly taking place in our country.

When Sharron Angle wins in Nevada, That will be an American moment for sure and the Soros Left hopefully will receive a message that We the People of this United States of America are tired of the Washington Progressives.

I for one can not wait for this (Fundamental Change) for this great country period!

Vance Keaton

Phoenix AZ

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