Monday, November 15, 2010

Where are we?

America , what are we doing?
Now everyday Americans refusing to be scanned at airports, Well why do we all need to be scanned or patted down? ask yourselves that!
Answer Muslims, Muslims killed us on 911 and still try to kill us today.
So when you see a Muslim say thanks!
Airport security had to be ramped up because of Muslim terrorists period, You dislike the idea of being scanned or patted down, well then do not fly, end of story.
Muslim terrorists are the sole cause of your grief .
Now liberals will say that I am wrong and that I am a racist, But they would be wrong.
I am just an American , explaining to Americans what the cause of this raised security is indeed all about.
You don't like it, Tough! Sometimes the truth isn't easy to except.
You have people from each and every state in our Government representing you, They are public servant's that make four times what you do, They make the rules for you, You voted them in to represent you. and they are right?
Or maybe you are like me and do not go along with the progressive movement, I don't know you.
But progressives want to make it easier for Terrorism to take place in our country with their open border policy's, They are indeed the reason we have upped the stakes against airline passengers.
Its not only Muslim looking people that we have to defend against any more, Because now young progressive whites and blacks have joined Muslims against Americans.
So now you can thank the progressive movement for your grief at airports also. It has all indeed gone full circle now. So if you fly and you intend to be safe doing it, Live with all security measures.
Unless you intend to sit next to someone prepared to blow up that plane your now aboard.
Muslims will not stop trying to kill us, and Progressives will not stop trying to help them.
It is the full intentions of Muslims and Progressives to make us scared. If you allow it, well then I cant say much for you. When I go through airport security and have to take off my shoes and pass through a scanner, I always thank all the Muslims, You should certainly do the same. You see Muslims will not police themselves. and that in itself is the problem. We as Americans need to force the issue.

Sincerely   Vance Keaton
Phoenix . AZ

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  1. Vince what is written in the planes??, example american west,south west,pan am but i'm still waiting to see Muslims express planes, we should have our planes and them fly in there own planes and see which plane gets blown up..
    Dan Phoenix AZ