Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Our Firearm Freedom is being Threatened

Please "Petition" Our Government
Our Firearm Freedoms are being threatened by elitist politicians, a biased so-called mainstream Media and the United Nations ,determined to eliminate your Second Amendment Freedom in the USA. If your a passionate Supporter of the Second Amendment and if you have looked at any sites on your Home computer for Purchasing a Gun Or Ammunition . Or gone to a Firing Range ! Or a Member of the NRA. The Police can use it against you, with a Weapon License !, Our Freedom is Slipping Away!
These anti gun progressives want to take the Forefathers Gift of the 2nd Amendment away from , We the people of this United States of America. Do a Google Search and just see how many progressive anti gun bills there are pending today, Thank God we have institutions in our great country like the NRA, or else Progressives would have already been allowed to remove your right as a citizen of this country to keep guns.
We all have to wake up to the fact that the Progressives, Backed by George Soros are out to take your right to defend yourselves from home invasions and such. They do not care about you or your families safety and your God Given right to protection from evil doers, Barack Obama makes fun that you cling to your Bible and your Guns. That in itself proves that our Government could care less about your right to self protect.
Please I am asking any one who cares about their family and friends to wake up!
Now if you are involved in any crime no matter how minor, They intend to use your NRA Membership against you, They will frame you as a radical if you have one. Just because you have a belief in self protection. You must fight this progressive ideal. Look what happened in Germany, Hitler took all the guns away from people, Then and only then it was safe to take over the people. Do you intend for that same thing to happen here in the USA? I certainly hope not.
Fight all anti gun bills, Write or Call your State,federal, and Local government Representatives and tell them Not to go against the will of the American people and please to vote no on all anti gun legislation.
We in numbers as Citizens of this country must speak out, You have got to make Government "HEAR US"

Thanks Vance Keaton  Phoenix AZ   "Gun Owner" NRA Member

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