Monday, November 15, 2010

Defeating the Progressive’s choice

We the people of the United States of America are standing up against the Progressives.
This country turned almost completely red this last election cycle, and for one good reason.
The out right rejection to this socialist progressive movement.
You must listen to the actual words from people like Harry Reid to see the truth.
You Real and True Americans have all but put the total brakes on the socialistic/communistic Obama movement. We have to get a grip on our Big Government Spending.
The US Military pays $9.65 for just one round of 308 Winchester ammo. I can go to any sporting goods store and buy a complete box of 20 rounds for $28.00.
So why would our Government agree to pay so much to Ammunition manufactures?
Let me ask you this question, Who in Government is gaining from this over paying?
Let me ask you another question, Why do all Politicians make more than an average enlisted man who is putting his ass and his life on the line everyday?
Why have these corrupted politicians been allowed to earn millionaire status?
They purely do not represent you as a citizen do they? But we can relate to the military enlisted man.
Does John Kerry speak for you? I certainly do not want him speaking for me.
We as Americans in a Free Country can not allow these people to speak for us.
The Progressive Movement will destroy our country and our  America's sovereignty.
The Progressives intend to have Charlie Rangle type's to allow our country to have global governance. The Progressives intent is to Un Arm you American citizens, So you have absolutely NO WAY to protect yourself and your families from a Tyrannical Government.
Thomas Jefferson and the other Founders gave you and me the 2nd Amendment to save your life from a run away Government. Hitler un armed the people before he took over the people.
He gave people radio's before he took over radio station, Please learn the truth about the Progressives. Believe me they simply do not have you the peoples best interests in mind.
This is exactly why the funding of NPR must be completely cut off, We do not want our American tax dollars funding a Government Radio Program.
I say wake up citizens of a free country, Or it will certainly be too late.
Write your State and Federal Representatives and demand they cut off this funding asap.
I beg you as one citizen to another citizen, Wake up, Walk tall, Don't be scared, Be proud, and get your letters on the way to your state, federal, and local Representatives now, Overload their offices with your words. We have to wake them up!!!
We must bring American value back to America, A young boy in the state of Progressive California was told he couldn't have an American Flag on his bicycle, Can you believe that?
where was Eric Holder and the ACLU on his behalf?
We the people want the Pledge of Allegiance put back into our schools, We also want the 10 Commandments back in our Court houses. These have been removed by the progressive movement, Why? Because the majority of Progressives are Atheists, Gays, or Socialists or worse yet Communists. They believe that you get your Rights from Too Big Government.
We the people of the United States of America indeed have our Right given to us from GOD! no Government gives you rights to anything, and the reason is, Governments can retract your rights, God Doesn't!
Please people I beg of you to bring God back into your lives, We all need to pray to God right now and for the survival of our Country. We can succeed and extend our future.
Praise our veterans and Praise Jesus Christ and hope for the survival of our United States.
We want the great country that our wonderful and brave forefathers left for us and had in visioned for us. Not some Communist style police state.
Look how completely in debit and corrupted California is, Is that the Socialistic utopia that you seek? Not me ever! I do not wish to even visit California.
They Boycotted Arizona and I shall Boycott them for the rest of my life period.
41% of all Californians are part of the progressive movement, So I say allow that to be an example of what they bring to the table.
They banned McDonald's Happy meals for Gods sake, Whats next Tony the Tiger?
Their thinking comes from Socialistic indoctrination.
"Please too big governance take care of me, is what they always seek"
Fairness aka Social Justice is their goal. Rules for Radicals is the Highway they use to accomplish their goals. Please Americans wake up to what is happening under your nose, Learn their tactic's.
Reject their Social Justice agenda, Stop Cap and Trade and Global Warming taxation.
They will completely steal your freedom if you don't get a handle on your Representatives.
Ask yourself, "What does your freedom mean"?
Ask yourself " Do you want your freedoms taken way"?
Ask yourself " What will I do to keep my Freedom"
Ask yourself " What am I willing to Tolerate"
Ask yourself " What am I willing to give for my freedom"

Also Ask yourself this " Will my Children and Grand Children have the same or better life than I had.

Are you willing to step up to the plate to take on a Tyrannical Government?
When is enough , enough?

Remember 911 and how you felt that day. Because you were an American that day, are you still one?
If so speak up for your Country.
GOD BLESS  George W. Bush!!!!!! and the True Citizens that believe in this country.

Thanks for reading what I have to say.

Vance Keaton, Phoenix. AZ


  1. Our present administration is the most Godless and corrupt America has ever known.

    I’ve been following and enjoying your blog for a while now and would like to invite you to visit and perhaps follow me back. Sorry I took so long for the invitation.

  2. I really enjoyed reading the posts on your blog. I would like to invite you to come on over to my blog and check it out. God bless, Lloyd

  3. covnitkepr1

    We are making this country better
    keep up the good work....Vance

  4. Liberals want the same thing, we just know the best way to get it is to give the government less power not more. I don't know why you kooky right wingers think that by having men like george bush in power is going to help at all. You people need to wake up.

  5. We are awake!!! and we are watching all you leftists