Monday, March 7, 2011

Unions make it bad for all of We the People

“Financial Meltdown of Our

Nation Because of

Excessive Debt”

Unions make it bad for all of We the People

They raise prices of everything because their entitlements are managed into the price.

Cut their entitlements "Lower the Price" plain and simple.

Scott Walker Governor of Wisconsin is doing the right thing

Collective Bargaining from Union thugs does nothing for the betterment of America.

Union people you ever see them, 4 guys leaning against a wall, 1 guy possibly working.

That is your Hard worked for Tax Dollars going to waste.

Union people have it too good, They are protected from being fired.

In the real world the Private sector they wouldn’t stand a chance.

They beg and beg for entitlements, Please Master More Pour age.

They suck the Tax payer dry, They preach Socialism to their children.

Union members are what Communist call use full idiots.

Unions have literally Bankrupted Our once great Nation.

Now they bring their children to protest with them, and the uneducated indoctrinated children

Have no idea why they are there, But they do know that their parents deserve something for nothing.

It is very sad what has happened to our Once Great Country.

Through Leftist Communists and Radical Socialist they have indoctrinated America's children.

Now Obama has turned this country into a weak and helpless Nation.

His apology tour 2009 was an absolute disgrace to our Country.

I truly hope that this country will reach down and pull its pants up come 2012.

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