Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Liberals and the American Tax Code

Why are liberals against a flat tax? Well they want to punish you're success that is the bottom line.

Liberals hate successful people in general, open you're ears to all the liberal hate against the wealthy.

Chants of Tax the Rich, Rape the Rich, Make them pay, is what is heard ac crossed our country.

Allow me to ask you this, Has a poor person ever given you a well paying job?

I didn't think so!

Why do liberals want to punish your success? Are they jealous that you have done well? well kind of.

They want you to pay more so they can play less and do less. They intend to have you support them.

Since they didn't do as well as you, Of course they did not put out the same effort as you did, But somehow they feel entitled to your outcome. Why? Because they are pushing this country into total socialism.

I want a FLAT TAX... Period!

I shouldn't be punished for being a successful individual.

My success shouldn't be punished in order to afford someone else anything.

Socialism take away the urge to do well, it takes away your freedom to succeed, it takes away your encouragement to do better than your neighbor, socialism inst for Americans that want the right to excel their lives. I believe that socialism ruins people in general. Americans you need to wake up to the fact that our entire tax structure isn't what our Founding Fathers had set inside the Constitution for us.

The IRS is completely out of control in our country.

Do you not like the idea of a flat tax? I do not want your success to be punished.

If Joe down the street is a millionaire because he put forth the effort, and he is taxed at 20% and I am a lazy guy who cant keep a job due to well just me being a dirt bag , and I am taxed at 20% that seems fair to me.

Why should Joe down the street be taxed more than me, Simply because I choose to be a use less dirt bag,

I should praise Joe for giving me a job, and I should be down on myself because Joe fired me because I refused to show up everyday.

Why do liberals want to tax JOE more? They will punish Joe for being successful, and praise the weak and lazy for losing a job. Doesn't this seem unfair? shouldn't it be the other way around?

Praise Joe for his success, and punish the dirt bag for being lazy.

This country is completely out of whack, We need Government people who do not want to punish Americans that succeed in business. We need Government people who have backbone and are willing to say to the people that enough is enough. This is the only way to more this country forward and make our economy strive once again, Who's with me on a flat tax?

aren't you sick and tired of our government being involved in every aspect of you're lives?

Wouldn't you like to be treated fairly?

Wouldn't you like to see you're neighbors succeed in their business's?

Liberals in government isn't good for our country, this has proved itself to indeed be true.

I am sick and tired of hearing the word fair come out of the mouths of liberals.

a liberal mentioning the word fair either means "Social Justice" or "Total Socialism"  which both are Robin Hood like, They will "TAKE" from the wealthy and give to the poor. We all know this hasn't ever worked anywhere that it has been tried, However it "HAS" been responsible for literally millions of deaths.

Now lets Banned together and write our US Government people and let them know how we feel about liberals and socialism.

Thanks Vance Keaton
Phoenix AZ

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