Wednesday, June 27, 2012

We need true and real hope and change, Not the fake stuff we have now.

Well folks tomorrow is the day that we find out what our country is, A leftist welfare country or A Capitalist freedom and liberty standing country.

California has been bankrupted by radical leftists and every city within that blue socialist state is going to have to file for Bankruptcy. Radical people who can retire at fifty years of age at $160 grand a yr. And still get social security and medicare and medicare. The leftist population have destroyed economy’s and schools, and now the tax payers are in a battle for their lives and liberty.

Tomorrow we find out if our radical leftist US Attorney General will be held in contempt of congress, Republicans and Democrats have to reach deep down inside themselves and do whats right for our country. Eric Holder is a criminal, He stood up for the Black Panthers and stood down for we the people. I certainly hope that Justice is done, Holder needs to serve some “Jail Time”

Colorado and other southwest states are burning to the ground as Mr. Obama sits in his air conditioned office, People are out risking their lives to fight these fires and the Obama is only worried about his next election. This is what liberals do, Talk is cheap, and this Obama seems weak, and it shows.

Well Tomorrow we find out if The Unaffordable Care act the only thing Obama got accomplished in 3 ½ yrs will be forced upon us all, Raising our taxes and raising the cost of healthcare for all, will be found unconstitutional as it should be. If it is allowed to stay you will be able to watch small business's shut down all over this country, You think our economy is bad now “JUST WAIT” you haven’t seen anything yet. This over reach by the Obama federal government must be dumped. Obama isn’t allowed a King, He can not force you to purchase anything. I certainly hope that our SCOTUS will completely strike down this leftist law. This Obama was a huge mistake in our history, I believe most reasonable voters have figured this out. This Obama admin has been the most corrupted admin in the history of US Presidents. This Obama is pleased that the Muslim Brotherhood took over Egypt, why would that be? Since he and his wife do not wear jewelry during Ramadan I believe most Americans are smart enough to figure it out. Yes this Obama is a failure for our country.

We need true and real hope and change, Not the fake stuff we have now.

This Obama and his leftist radical atheist socialistic staff still has 8.2% un employment. This Obama has wasted $887 Billion dollars of taxpayer dollars.

He has transformed our country into a socially divided and broke nation.

His sort of transformation wasn’t the one that most US citizens were seeking.

Now he try's to cater to Latino people, I guess he simply doesn’t realize that legal Latino’s are mostly Catholic and Conservatives, They vote when they vote for republicans. They certainly will not come out to vote for a radical liberal.

They do not intend to vote for a man who will mandate their children s lives.

They run from Kings instead of running to a King, Independents are also pulling away from King Obama, The Obama intrusion into their lives and their economy isn’t what they voted for in 2008. Well folks hold on for the ride.

Thanks Vance Keaton
Phoenix AZ

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