Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Scott Walker wins Wisconsin recall election

Scott Walker wins Wisconsin recall election

Let me explain to you why this happened.

When people go to the store they see prices of absolutely everything going sky high.

They know they pay their taxes, and not making it very well. They work hard but cant afford much.

Then the see the union people a crossed the street, Building an addition onto their home, They bought a new expensive vehicle.

They see these union people making $37.00 an hour because of collective bargaining, And them making 1/2 that all the while paying for those same union people.

They see their family paying into a 401 K , as the Union people get a free taxpayer paid pension.

They see the corruption of these union people, and their radical leaders living high on the hog as they themselves suffer.

They watch their children get not an education, but rather an indoctrination. No History class and no social studies. No drivers training, and no gym class.

All the while wondering what their tax payer $$ is actually doing for society.

They wonder what Harry Reid and Barney Frank do with all of that union given monies of theirs.

Why do these Unions only give $$$$ to the democrat/ socialist party?

What makes an aspirin at a Hospital cost $4.00. What makes a gallon of gas cost $4.00. What makes a gallon of milk cost $3.00 , what makes a box of cereal cost $5.00 a box, Unions!!!!!!! Unions drive the prices up on virtually everything, and Union people laugh and think its great They can afford anything they want But yet you cant.

A 2x4 at Home Depot is $4.00 why? Ask a union.

Wisconsin is just the tip of the iceberg, People in this country are super angry now, Unions and this Marxist Obama have eaten the once flourishing middle class in our country for lunch, They meaning the democrats are spying on you with Obama furnished "Drones" They seek to take from you and give to someone else, Obama term "Redistribution of wealth" aka Marxism, Better known as Obama's way of telling you he is a KING.

I will not vote for a King ever in my RED WHITE AND BLUE AMERICA!!!!!
Thanks Vance Keaton
Phoenix AZ

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