Thursday, January 24, 2013

Tell Dear Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-CA what you think

I sent this letter to Rand Paul, I believe that he is the only one with our American best interests in mind

        Thank you for submitting your request. You should hear from my office soon. Rand Paul

Dear Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-CA

Your anti weapon ban is overly egregious, Our country was founded upon we the people , having the right of self protection.

Our founders had the fore thought to see , that our long withstanding government had the ability to become over powering and over reaching and to become tyrannical. Senators like yourself seek to rule over we the people "Like a King"

Our country dis miss's your ideals, Removing the right of self protection from we the people is un constitutional.

You can not ban your way to our countries safety. When you give up freedom for liberty you have neither.

Banning what you deem an assault rifle? "What you deem?" who are you?

Oh that's right a Government employee with a concealed weapons permit and protected by armed security. at the cost of we the people.

Those same people you are against. An high capacity magazine? "What is a high capacity magazine?"

What you deem to be one?

and who are you again? oh that's right, a government worker, paid by we the people!

Who are you to say what we the people should have or shouldn't have? I see you as an anti American dictator!

You seem to think that you know what's best for all of us, allow me to say that you certainly do not!

What is an assault rifle? You seem to believe its anything you want to remove from we the people.

Senator Feinstein you are the problem! Your anti American beliefs are what's wrong. Our founding people would have fought your views with a vengeance, You would be compared to the views from which they ran from, You are the reason we fought the Revolutionary war.

Our founder fought the tyranny that you are wanting to give we the people.

If four armed intruders kick in your front door and their intentions is to rob and kill you, People need an AR rifle with thirty rounds.

You shall not have the right to decide what is right for my families protections.

You should actually be relived of your post, for dereliction of duty!

You no longer have the best interest of our country in mind, You are now a terrorist toward our founding documents.

You are now an egregious government employee.

You are a dangerous person.

Will our Police and Government agency's also go by your weapons ban rule?

Because remember, They to are we the people, and laws are laws right?

I wouldn't feel safe, if only Government were allowed to have weapons, it sounds overly familure to me.


Vance Keaton

Phoenix AZ

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