Sunday, January 20, 2013

President Obama's second term

Barack Obama is the absolute worst President in our history.

He personally has put our country are great risk financially.

He has personally put our country at great risk security wise.

He has personally lowered moral standards and economic standards.

He has personally lowered our standing in the world and our credit standard in the world.

Mr. Obama is a Secular Progressive Dictator.

He believes that he and he alone, Knows what's best for everyone.

Mr. Obama has created a tyrannical government, Who has been structured to go against the people.

The one's who voted for Obama , are nothing more than the average sheep, They will follow this man right over the cliff willingly.

Most all Obama voters receive some type of entitlement in their welfare state household.

Most all Obama voters believe in "Regulating the people" aka Global Warming, and Slowing Business's in America.

Most all Obama voters believe in Government being their to "Take care of them"

Most all Obama voters do not believe in God, and Love Abortion, and want Gay Marriage.

Most all Obama voters adore Radical Unions" Because they truly believe in getting something for nothing.

Most all Obama voters believe that Monies grow on tree's, and that the Obama government can print their way into a good economy.

In the next four yrs, You will see more and more business fail and close their door, You will see a major increase in un/under employment.

The Obama voters are fine with never getting the truth, Because they only watch or listen to state run media.

They are fine with this Obama Character not ever being asked the Tough questions.

Like why are 51 million people on food stamps, if the economy is getting better? Shouldn’t that # be going down instead of up

Isn't it time we all just stop borrowing from the bank of china so our children and grand children could have a decent future?

See this Obama and his sheep followers, Could absolutely care less about all that, all they care about is what can you do for me today.

Obama and his utter failure liberal sheep, Have an agenda, and that agenda is "To take American down"

  Thanks for reading, paying attention and following alone

 Sincerely Vance Keaton Phoenix AZ

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