Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Saving a once Great Country

Our founding fathers couldn't believe the complete and utter ignorance of our Today's Government.
Eric Holder , Obama's attorney general cant rule out US Military drone attacks inside the USA
Why couldn't he have just said "NO"?
What is our over reaching Tyrannical Government up to today?
They have purchased Billions of rounds of ammunition, They have purchased special OFF Road Capable Home Land Security Vehicles, They have spent billions of our American tax dollars on literally building hundreds of "FEMA" Camps, They are planning something, But what is it?
They have purchased hundred of thousands of Plastic Coffins, What are these for?
Is the Obama Government planning on attacks against We the People?
No one is answering anything, What is our governments future agenda?
Is Obama capable of becoming a total dictator?
Our Over bearing Over reaching Government is gearing up for something, Its in the wind and almost every citizen of our country fears it. However you still have some that will not pay attention to anything.
The Democrats are again trying to take down Our 2nd Amendment once again, Why do the democrats want to dis arm we the people? Why do these democrats fear we the people?
Look at the radicals that Obama has placed on his staff and in his cabinet, These people are mostly Chicago radicals, Whats their agenda for we the people?
Think about why would they even try to dis arm the citizens of America?
They have a plan for everyone, and I surely do not trust Obama or his people.
They have in the last four years completely turned the Government into a Tyrannical group against the people of our country.
Our Founders would have been taking up arms months and months ago, Our country is in destruction mode right now. The American people have the capacity to do something, We must take a good hard look at all involved now, We must watch and listen more so then we ever have. Our Government is up to something.
I have heard all kinds of scenario's, But who is right?
Do the democrats intend to give our country away to the Chinese? They wont except until we the American people have been dis armed?
This one makes sense to me, as bad and as crazy as it sounds, But I tend to meld some truth into this.
However, Thank God for Rand Paul of Kentucky, Who is standing up for our founding beliefs today, By Filibustering one of the Radical Obama appointments. The people that this man Obama selected to service in Top area's of Government is completely appalling. They are indeed shameful to our great country.
What was Obama thinking and why appoint complete failures to his elitist cabinet? There must be a reason , But what is it?
Does he intend for our National Security "TO FAIL"? It absolutely seams like it to me.
Where are the actual Patriots who adore and love this country? What happened to our people? have they given up to the leftist ideals?
Where is the Obama admin taking us? Where are those people that will stop him?
I beg we the people to take a good hard look at whats taking place in our country, and ask them to wake up now.
Ask yourself where are the real and true Statesmen? Who loves this country enough to stand up?
We cant as American citizens just stand by and allow these radical socialist/communists to steal our country away from us, We can not allow our freedoms and liberty to be squelched!
Who is out there to Stand up for our Freedom?
Who will stand with Senator Rand Paul and myself?
I am asking every American citizen to speak up, contact your representatives, Its time to speak up and speak with passion about our wonderful country, The United States of America.
If you chose to ignore these issues, We all lose!

Thanks for reading my Blog

Sincerely Yours
Vance Keaton
Phoenix AZ

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