Monday, April 22, 2013

A show of force in Boston

Listen Folks, over four hundred police from different law enforcement agency's and back grounds, Place a raid on poor little "Water Town Mass"   and the reason was?
The ordinary people would just think "Oh they are after an armed terrorist"
However, Since when has it taken 400 to go after one 19 yr old kid?
What the evidence here shows is that this event was just a trail run for Government initiated Martial Law.
This was to evaluate how the average citizen would act under Martial Law.
Obama and the Democrats are truly testing the waters here, They got to test the accuracy of their new F L U R ,  vision, Inferred Camera systems, Their new Homeland security vehicles, New weapon systems. and new communication devices, Yes they did get the guy, However this jack booted thug approach to taking over a neighborhood, well it was more like a drill than anything else.
The subject was in the man boat in the back yard, He was already wounded and bleeding out.
He certainly at this point wasn't much of a so called threat to anyone.
However, They "Big Daddy Government" flew a chopper over the scene and looked at their FLUR, sighted the man up, and shot him while he was inside the mans boat.
Why?  The subject was already weak from blood loss, and most likely already near death.
One officer could have climbed onto the boat and subdued this subject in question.
Why this huge show of force?
Are these public union workers so scared that we need this kind of over kill? why aren't more people asking these questions about our public tax payer police jack boot thug mentality?
In Boston Mass, of all Places, The place where the coming together by our founding fathers, the beginning of our nation began, These SHEEP sat in their homes and did as The Police told them to do.
Oh my gosh, I cant believe it, What a disgrace to our country and our self reliant founders.
And how many of these people actually allowed these union thugs into their homes, because of the forced door to door searches?
Did they administer Martial Law or Not?
I would be dammed if I would cow war in place in my home!
Just because the Police advised me to do so, If I wanted to be out in my yard or I wanted to walk to the store, I would have done so. They work for us, We work to pay taxes and taxes pay their salary's.
Why do people not understand this? So now they always know whats best for us?
I say I shall never become a Sheep, I see what happened in Water Town Mass, and I saw an abuse of Government Force, Remember the Branch Dividians in Waco Texas? Use that as your example of a show of aggressive force to a neighborhood by the Government. The Over reaching, Over bearing Government burnt that place to the ground and killed those innocent tax payers, who payed their wages all the while attacking them. This Boston episode was No Different, This was a GIANT show of Force by the Government "Telling" we the people, "You try and mess with us" and we will with out remorse kill you all.
"You the sheep have given us special vehicles, weapons, and communications" and Now we own you!!!
You will do as we say or else!!
This is why our government has built many many many new FEMA camps all around this country.
This is also why Progressive's like Obama and John McCain and Diane Feinstein push for the dis arming of American citizens. They intend for only the Government to have weapons, so the people have to surrender and have No choice of any kind of armed resistance.
They can now peer inside your home with a helicopter or drone, and take you out in a second.
I hope the people now realize what kind of a Government we actually have now.

Wake Up Sheep wake up!!!

Vance Keaton
Phoenix AZ

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