Sunday, December 14, 2014

Leftism has ruined our America

Leftism has ruined our America
In the day's of me growing up, The 1970's You had pretty tough times.
The gas crisis, The Vietnam war, Union strikes, and much more.
But all in all life was fairly good for most. This started the way for the Hippie Type's ..Pot smoking, stinking dirty, left wing war protesters.
This has lead to our country becoming weak and lazy..Its truly a shame.
These Vietnam protesting radicals now teach our student's the way to Socialist Radicalism.
Leftism had worked it's insane radical views into all aspects of our country now.
When I think back a few years, I know that Spam used to be the absolute cheapest meat that any American family could buy. Today its one of the most expensive.
I stopped at the store the other night to pick up four pounds of ground beef  aka Hamburger.
It to used to be truly a cheap meat for your family.
Well now, Not the same, It cost me over fourteen dollars for four pounds of Hamburger.
This is a shame, Under Left Wing Messiah Obama food costs in this country have skyrocketed, Taxes, Regulations, Tree Hugging rule have destroyed our true American families. The only people living the good life anymore are those on food stamps who do not give two shit's about the price of a pound of ground beef.
Today when going to a shop to purchase a new shirt for work.
You can not find anything that is made in America, Everything is made over sea's and shipped here, That is because of Liberal rules , Taxes, and Regulations.
Making labor cost too expensive to be made here.
An American made shirt would cost you $150.00.
Lefty lib's push for a better minimum wage, These policy's have driven costs up for absolutely everyone in America, Liberals truly do not understand that a minimum wage job is supposed to be a "Starter Job" not a lifetime career. American business can not pay an un skilled employee $15.00 dollars an hour Period.
Liberals have taken away hard work and self reliance, They and they alone have created "The Handout Society"
Our country is under attack by the left, Young folks today truly do not stand much of a chance of successfulness.
They have unfortunately been sold a bill of goods by their leftist union school teachers, and college professors.
America is no longer that shiny city on a hill.
Leftist radicals have turned our once great country into a weak and lazy, Moral less, God Less, Victim society.
America has the highest Corporate tax structure of any Industrialized nation.
Now wonder Companies left this country.
They couldn't afford to stay in Business here.
Until We the people wake up to these well known facts, Our once great country is doomed.
This radical leftist "Obama admin" have ruled and regulated our America to death.
The folks that think like Obama have destroyed our American families.
I hope people will read this and think of how these leftist democrats are thrashing our countries families.
And wake up to the fact, That this can not continue to happen.
Our children and our grand children will have nothing.
American's must get a grip on our countries leaders and say enough is enough.
Vance Keaton
Phoenix, AZ


  1. You are absolutely right! The left has been destroying America for far too long. They took over our education, forcing upon our children the evils of science and arithmetic causing them to fail miserably compared to the rest of the world in such subjects. Obviously an average normal blue collar person like me wouldn't have the closest clue on how to help them on their homework. And now they're shoving this baloney climate change into their curriculum. Enough is enough! All our education system needs is the bible and God's words. Maybe include classes in mechanics, plumbing, woodwork, gold trading, and gun safety. Don't forget manufacturing safety. Americans belong on the assembly line. That's how we get America working again. Leave those engineering, researching, and service jobs to those other 3rd world countries. Math and science has no place in this country. Spending money on education is a waste and should be used instead to support the owners of raw material and manufacturing companies. No robots. No automation. No education requirements. Just proud American blue collar hands. Everything made in America. No minimum wage either. Automatic 0% unemployment. I figure everyone would start out at $3 like I did in the 70s. If they want more money, they have to sweat more and sleep less. Hard work. Something our country has forgotten. I laugh every time I see kids studying in the library while my kid is out in the field picking oranges. Who's working hard and earning money? That's right.

  2. Wow, Anonymous and you Vance really nailed the problem. It was those dope smoking dirty hippies that ended up in Vietnam that caused us to loose that war. If only we had had more conservatives in the military we could have filled the combat positions with "real warriors" men that would not have been afraid to lay down their lives for our country. Unlike those cowardly dope smoking hippy draftees who were only concerned about music and drugs.These hippies and their willing accomplices the politicians are the reason we lost in Vietnam. If we had released the full weight of our military it would have been over in days, if not weeks.
    All those lost jobs have to be because of the libs. No company would leave America and set up shop in a Communist or foreign country unless FORCED to do so. They aren't in business to loose money, They just want the best return on their money for their investors. So if Americans aren't willing to work for what we business owners are willing to pay them then they deserve to loose to the lowest bidder. Minimum wage laws need to be eliminated ASAP... That's what right to work means, It also means I have the right to take my business where I can get the most profit for my hard earned money.
    And Anonymous you are right about math and science. Why over train a workforce that is gong to be tied to an assembly line job? That will just make them think they have more to look forward to then they really do.In most cases they will spend their wretched pathetic liberal lives working on that assembly line and they will be happy they have a job. Truth justice and the American way. Be proud stand up America and Americans. NO more bowing to or kissing foreign princes and royalty.....