Sunday, January 4, 2015

The Return of the CB Radio

                                              The Return of the CB Radio
These were indeed popular in the 1970's, Almost everyone had one back then.
I remember as a young man riding in my Uncle's 1971 Ford LTD, He has his Fallon 23 channel cb radio.
He was known as "Big T" over the air waves. He added a Turner Power Microphone, and he was loud over the air waves.
I see these radio's for sale on eBay all of the time, I have purchased a couple to mess around with.
I bought an old Pace 8010 40 channel radio and wired a Astatic Power Mic for it.
At my home I put up an Antron "99" Base Station antenna, and I speak with people here in Phoenix, Arizona. It's great I get enjoyment from it. And you can get acquainted with some new folks out there.
Many folks are going back to the old school things, Simply because these new day Cell Phones aren't all they are cracked up to be.
Many folks believe if we take an EMP strike someday, That an old CB radio will be the only way to communicate with others. You will need a 12 volt battery and a decent antenna if your going to be ready.
Base Model CB antenna's aren't large and awful looking anymore, My base antenna blends in with the house and many do not even see it.
We have Cb's in our vehicles and my wife and I talk back and fourth locally.
It's sort of fun, Then we speak to other folks with radio's also. While we are out and about.
If your interested in getting a Cb Radio, or already have one...Let me know.
You are welcome to post a comment here and discuss Your CB radio experience's.

Sincerely Yours
Vance Keaton
Phoenix, AZ.


  1. Sorry to see that ( at least so far this month you and I are the only PATRIOT'S left ) ????? We as Americans were always taught to speak up when we think something is wrong ALWAYS QUESTION AUTHORITY NEVER TRUST ANYONE OVER THIRTY ( WELL THAT LAST ONE'S OUT ) but the first one is still good!!!
    Why are we not proud to be Americans anymore? I have thought about C.B. but if I remember right only good for A few miles, I've been thinking shortwave or ham Why do you have to be asked to take off your hat and stand at sporting events in honor of not just A 20x30 piece of clothe It's not the flag it's the blood sacrifice it represents We can't sit back and hope somebody else dose something! What happened did, We all get to pooped out in the sixties, or are we too worried what it might cost us. A Son of The American Revolution

  2. Vance thank you for letting me vent I think it's shame what's happened to this country since Reagan ! Too think that A sitting U.S. President will talk to a you tube (eh -star that eats fruit loops out of A bath-tub ) , But will not meet with the P.M. from Isreal (WHAT?)
    And how dose A man who has played football all his life, can't tell when the ball isn't fully inflated ? I remember when it mattered how you played the game? I think every part of American life has changed. It looks has if HONOR is no longer valued It used to be DUTIE, HONOR, COUNTRY! not achieve at all cost A Son of the American Revolution.

  3. I shure hope they make a comeback