Sunday, August 14, 2016

The people of Ferguson Missouri, Baltimore Maryland, Detroit Michigan

Going up my Grandfather always said that there were two kinds of people.

He said that there are folks who are the doers, and that there are folks who are the non-doers.

I guess he was one hundred percent correct on all accounts.

Look at the people of Ferguson Missouri, Baltimore Maryland, Detroit Michigan and others.

They get increasingly upset with the local Police officers, for killing thugs… OMG!!!   These people go out and burn down their cities, one yells burn this bitch down, and our Black President says nothing.  Truly shameful indeed.   They destroy their cities and burn down local stores, so the older ill folks cannot get bread, or prescriptions filled, they burn police vehicles, and businesses, what happens?  The peoples taxes go up to pay for the damage, their home insurance goes up to pay for the damage, if they are renting, their rent is increased to pay for the damage, These folks are so ignorant, that they haven’t a clue how things work, They hurt themselves when they do this, and they do not get it. Why don’t the African American communities have school choice after all these years?  I mean these communities have been voting for democrats for years, why still then don’t they have it? Answer… They must be kept ignorant, If they were to get educated, Then they wouldn’t continually vote against themselves in elections, the democrats cannot afford to allow people of color an education for the masses. To Risky!

I mean people of color do not know it’s against the law to reach for a police officer’s weapon?  Sad isn’t it. LB Johnson said his policy’s would have “Ni**ers voting democrat for the next two hundred years” Seems it worked right. People of color have been fooled; the so called wool pulled over their eyes…However, Not pulled Yanked over.  They hear democrats speaking of so called “Jim Crow Laws” all the while, People of color, not realizing the man Jim Crow, was a long serving democrat…and the democrat house and senate went along.  Richard Byrd KKK grand wizard… Longest serving man in the democrat party, David Duke new KKK Grand wizard…Endorsed Hillary Clinton, The leftist media will try and tell you that he endorsed Donald Trump… However that is truly misleading, the media has lied to you for an agenda, and some folks actually recognize this.  Others just live in true denial, and do not care to know, they believe if they ignore it long enough, it will just go away.

The difference is this.   People on the right support the 1st and 2nd Amendments of our US Constitution.

People on the right feel they have a right of free speech and the ability of self-protection.

People on the left however, Intend to take these rights away, Hillary intends to do away with these Constitutional rights, ALL the while being protected by armed security officers, Can you say HYPOCRITE!!!!  Hillary intends to say whatever she wants, all the while intending to silence folks who disagree with her. Can you say HYPOCRITE!!!

I hope that 2016 is the year of a true awakening, where the people rise up and say NO MORE!! To the Government establishment.  This country is nearly $20 TRILLION   in debt because of those folks.

This country is failing because of those folks. 90 million people out of the labor force, Jobs being sent to Mexico and over sea’s because of high taxation and over burdensome regulation.  Our country folks you must realize id a failed nation, NO Future for your children or grandchildren.  I hope that you all wake up.




 Sincerely Yours     Vance Keaton
Phoenix Arizona

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