Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Pondering The Meaning of Life

Pondering The Meaning of Life

I while growing up as a young man, Never believed I would see my great country transform into what it is today.

Now I see a great state caving in to the liberal socialist agenda press/media. Nikki Haley’s Confederate flag speech….South Carolina just tossed in the towel…What a shame!!!

Folks in power are terrified of what the media can do to them if they do not agree.  What happened to our country? Are we already a Red Scare country.

I was in the US Military, and we were tough and strong…Now I see we have U.N. “United Nations” vehicles and members in our country.

The USA military hauling rolls and rolls of barbed wire, The US Military practicing “Jade Helm”  Jade means Asia and Helm means at the wheel.

What does this all mean? Are we giving our country to China for payment of the trillions of borrowed Dollars? I never thought as an American vet that I would be talking about and questioning these sort of things.

I was always into Cars and Motorcycles and trucks, Now my mind wonders to other things, Like trying to keep my family safe. I didn’t ever think in my country that it would come to this, But after seeing how our country abused a simple cattle rancher in Nevada, who was just trying to raise his cattle. My thoughts about this country and this Government has all changed.

I believe our country is preparing for something, Possibly a huge financial collapse, Or something else, Our Government is hiding allot from us.

Scientists tell us that Planet X will be visible in the night sky in mid 2016, Is it possible that it will hit our planet as recalled in biblical times? Or even if it doesn’t is it going to interfere with our Magnetic field and make our planet loose our electrical grid, and our cable and internet, Water pumps wont run, air conditioners wont cool, Our cars wont run, Our stores will be empty?

Something is happening out their folks, You can live in denial if you so choose.

Why did the Vatican put the most powerful telescope atop Mount Graham in Arizona? They named it Lucifer, Why that name from the Vatican? What is it that they are looking for.  If you are a person who reads ancient texts you will find many numerous things, That speak of folks coming here…Is that time now upon us? If so then what is the Military's agenda to deal with it?

I personally believe there is so much in the Black Ops Government in our country, That we all have no clue about what is truly happening in the book of Government Secrets.

I ask you all, What have we as a country became?

Your tax dollars are being used in ways that you never expected. And if you knew you would stop now. If you haven't heard of it before..Google the Cern Collider, Science is sending atoms thousands of miles an hours to smash into other atoms around a seven mile circle, There are trying to open a “Star-gate”.

What is going to happen to this earth as we know it?

What might they have already allowed in from the outside?

I want to warn all of you, Be aware..Please open your eyes, and ears and mind, Pay attention to global events.

Our own Government will use scare tactic’s about ISIS coming here, and they will use ISIS as propaganda to scare you into what ever they want you to do. My theory is they will use it to threaten Marital Law in your communities all ac crossed this country. Prepare yourselves for this Government propaganda.

I suggest that you have food and water storage and ways to protect and defend yourself. Many of you know nothing of this, I suggest you read survival documents, and do a bunch of internet searching. Educate yourselves…wake up don’t dismiss things that indeed sound crazy. Because allot of things are going to yes sound crazy. You will be required to think on your own two feet, Do not make yourself, to be at the Mercy of others. Prepare yourselves.

Growing up as a young man, I never believed that I would ever have to write such and article, I never believed that our Government would work against we the people, Now I truly think so differently. Do your research folks. Remember some cities in our country are running out of water, There will be a huge exidous of folks from different parts of the country in the next two to five years. This is going to effect our economy drastically.

I have a family, Grand children, I fear for all of them.  I hope you will make today the day , That some of you choose to awaken.

God Bless you all.


Vance Keaton

Phoenix AZ

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