Saturday, May 15, 2010

The ends justifies the means?

Ask yourselves “Why is America turned into such a Shit Sandwich”

Well it all started many years ago, “The Progressive Movement” Woodrow Wilson as President. The first Liberal Communistic Democrat, The ends justifies the means President.

Then along came years later “CPS” Child Protective Services, People no longer had the RIGHT to punish their own children, Then “Unions” for School Teachers because they didn’t have it good enough, Now they have Progressed so far that they are allowed by our Government to teach Liberalism in Tax payer funded public schools, and twist history to their own liking, Our children for the last 30 yrs have been ruined by teachers, Unions, and Our Own Government.

Then along came Political Correctness, This is one of the worst things to have ever been created in our country, This has caused terrorism, in America, Us against them you know what I mean, “Hence” the Fort Hood Shooter, This all could have been stopped, BUT indeed it was allowed to go on for years, Because of our own sunshine and lolly pop feel good Liberal establishment, Plain and simple. We do not want to hurt anyone’s feelings now do we? Little Jimmy isn’t doing well in class, But we must pass him, simply because we do not want to hurt little Jimmy’s feelings. This is today, we have allowed this to take place in America because of Liberalism it’s a disease in our country, “Hence” This is why we are the next Greece period. People you have allowed your Government to take over and rule your life, WHY? Because you are merely too lazy and too stupid, Most of you anyway, There are certain still individuals like myself and others that care about this country and still fight for our freedoms, But however the actual majority of you sit in front of your big screen TV’s eating potato chips and drinking Pepsi with your thumbs up your arse, watching the latest and greatest prime time shows without a care in the world, Yet some of you that do take time to watch the News, Well you just yell at the TV and do absolutely nothing to engage, WOW a lot of good that does hey!

Most of you care more about yourselves plain and simple then you ever did your country.

You all just believe that you voted and that’s all that you ever need to do. Well even though you voted “The Socialistic” Obama and his corrupted friends shoved that Socialistic Process Wright down your sorry throats didn’t he. How does That Health Care taste? Like chicken? UMM UUMM GOOD! Why didn’t you all wake up years ago? No you must have been too busy driving around in your Brand New Toyota hey! Wondering when your cousin Jo-Ann was picking up the wedding cake for your brothers and sister in laws big day.

Oh yes you all are too busy with your lives; you do not have the time to participate in America. If George Washington was alive today He would look upon all of you lazy entitlement lovers, and frown and be disgusted completely. All that he went through all he did to allow you to have liberty and freedom, It was all for what? Nothing! You the majority of sheep like citizens ruined this country. You truly should be ashamed of yourselves.

I would willingly give my life for this country that I love and cherish. You will certainly never hear a liberal speak like that.

I am asking every red blooded American Citizen to Wake up and smell the Socialists coffee. Its here people! You decide! Are you just a sheep? Or will you be a Patriot?

My thoughts 5/15/10

I fight each and everyday for all of you good law obeying citizens. Now wont you all band together and do the same for me?

Sincerely Vance Keaton

Phoenix AZ

PS Arizona is doing the Right thing and Our President and Eric Holder are doing the Wright thing


  1. As California's TRUE State Champion concert pianist and impresario of 1991 - but, IMMEDIATELY CHEATED out of my title and all public recognition by California's Big Money Professional Corruption "Government Arts Monopoly" - just goggle Bay Concert Arts....

    ...I'd like to help the good people of Arizona.

    Set me up with a group of conservative churches who feature "nice to OK" pianos, and I'll drive down there, play concerts, raise funds and make real news on behalf of the REAL TRUTH about this anti American Progressive Big Government B.S..


  2. Thanks Bill
    I will see what I can do for this project.

    Sincerely Vance