Saturday, May 15, 2010

Soviet tanks on the Horizon is that what it takes?

We the People of the United States of America


The AZ illegal’s law nothing new here to see liberals, IT Mirrors the Federal Law. If your city or state was being over run with Drug Dealers and Murders and Kidnappers’ Then you also just may want a Law to deal with it. We truly are just enforcing our United States Federal law that’s it…..Period It has nothing to do with race period. If you’re a Legal English speaking American then you will have absolutely nothing to fear, unless of course you do have a warrant or other. Why do we have press one for English in this country, why do stores have things listed in two Languages? This is America and we speak English here, In order to be naturalized you have to speak good English. So all other Languages should not be spoken here period. This entire argument is about Mexico taking what they think is their land back, That is entirely what this is about plain and simple, Liberal Hispanic teachers are even teaching this BS in our Public Taxpayer funded schools. Hopefully this Law will wake real and true Americans up to the anti American issues here plain and simple. Thank God Jan Brewer came along when she did and has the guts to take on the Federal Liberal corrupted Government for We the People of the United States of America. Bottom line in the state of AZ 70% of us Like and want this law. If you happen to not like it then TOO BAD for you. LEAVE THEN. Boycott all you want, WE Real and True American Arizona Citizens could care less about what those Bankrupted liberals think in California Other states will be joining our law very soon……..PERIOD

Obama's Private Army in the Healthcare bill why?

This is a letter I sent my state and local Government people I suggest you all do the same ASAP!!!!! Dear Honorable. Why haven’t any republicans spoken out about this Obama citizen’s army in the healthcare bill? The media isn’t covering it, and NO one is talking. Is this private army Tax Payer Funded? How many people are in this? Who trains them? Where do they get trained? What do they get trained in? What kind of training do they receive? What is the actual purpose of this said private army? Did any democrat read the healthcare bill? Why would a private army even be in a healthcare bill? We the people of the United States of America want to know what’s going on with this. I am very concerned about this issue and several others, why hasn’t Eric Holder read the AZ illegal’s bill? He and the President sure make allot of comments about something they haven’t read. Seem like Mr. Holder could read the bill and justify whether it is constitutional or not in about 10 minutes, Why is the Government purposely taking so much time to decide on this? Are they awaiting violence on the border first? Then Mr. Obama can pass Marshal Law Is this truly the use of the New Private Army?

In 1906 73% of Americans wrote their Government, 2008 only 23% of Americans wrote their Government and look what has happened in only the last 30 years.

Wake Up People!!!!!!

What does it take to wake you USA Citizens up?

Soviet tanks on the Horizon?

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