Wednesday, May 12, 2010

NO Path to Citizenship Period

Immigration Reform

I don't think so, We should have press one for English this is American not Spain ...Period

Wal Mart has signs up in Spanish...This shouldn't be allowed

Even naturalized citizens have to speak English, English is the language of the USA period

Its way too easy for these illegal tress passers to get by here, We make it that way especially for them.

This truly should be against the law. Liberals have ruined this country by feeling sorry for other races.

This is why Mexico has been allowed to illegally invade this country. “Trespassing”

If you desire to fly a Mexican flag well then you need to live in Mexico...period

I praise those children in the liberal state of California for standing up for their rights as citizens.

I wished more of this would take place Yes I do. Mexicans have a belief that they are going to take back Mexico from the USA by mere population. This thought must be put out of their minds.

We won this country fair and square, don't like it tough shit.....period

Look at the State of California can you say Bankrupted by liberals.

Lolly pops and sunshine, Feel good bleeding hearts, Nothing More!

They ruined their state and their true intentions are to ruin every state.

This is why they are against this AZ law so much, If you are indeed a legal citizen what really do you have to fear? You get asked for your ID big dam deal!

Every person hear should have anything to fear, Unless; You are truly here “Against the Law”

Actually every state should practice AZ Law! Sort out all illegals no matter where they are from Period. And NO Path to Citizenship Period.

Sort and Deport end of story!

Its funny that the Press refuses to report on all the people coming to AZ because they like this law.

They only report on the liberals not coming here, Well believe me Our State will be just fine with less liberals. I say God Bless Janet Brewer for having the true belief and guts and passion to do this.

wanna see a true mexican dumb ass?
When it works other states will indeed follow.

Gee I just cant wait until November and election day 2012.

People are truly waking up and taking our country back.


  1. It's about time that all countries catch on the band wigon. Now i here,boycott Arizona from schools to convensions,why becsuse there full of illegles and if thay show up than sheriff Joe will take them all down. Yes Arizona may loose some business but its better to loose revenue than two loose our country. Dan Phoenix AZ

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