Thursday, May 13, 2010

Show your colors America

wake up people
This should offend all True Americans

I bought my children, and grand children all USA Flag shirts!!!

Because liberals/communists will try and ban or out law these soon

I suggest that every true American purchase soon
Remember George Washington crossing the river in the cold winter? Remember Thomas Jefferson and our Constitution? Remember all the lives lost in the civil war? remember the building of the trans atlantic railroad? You know America you know whats in your heart, You know what all of the lives lost in wars are worth, Our Great Country, Show your pride!!! Let everyone see and know you love your country and respect its strong history and heritage. Overwhelm the system with Red White and Blue. The socialistic anti capitalist in this country intend to strip it all away from you in the next years to come, Wake up people take your country back from them, You need to act a patriot these days, Let these liberals/progressives know how you feel and that YOU adore and love and appreciate your Country

Thanks Vance

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