Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Obama's Oil Slick in the Gulf

Lets talk about this oil spill in the gulf, Tell me folks why is that the only rig in the gulf, without an emergency shut off device happens to have a problem? Why don't they have to have this emergency shut off device? The American oil rigs are mandated by our government to have this device, Shell, Mobil, Texaco all have to have this device, BP Oil doesn't have this device, "WHY" Because the first executive order that Obama signed was to make BP OIL exempt from having this safety device. So that being said, Why is it that only this one BP rig has a problem? Seems kinda weird hey! So was this explosion set? Could be! Obama was for drilling in the Gulf a few weeks ago, But you know He has changed his mind now. Seems funny how it all came together so soon isn't it, To drill or not to drill , that is the question, But should we use BP or Obama as examples?  answer NO period. All offshore oil drilling rigs should be made to have the emergency shut off device NO Matter What our Far Left Liberal POTUS says or signs into LAW! Its an environmental issue! Also why didn't we have the emergency OIL SLINGS available? You know those things that get towed behind boats to gather up the oil, Those things that POTUS Clinton mandated and signed into LAW stating that we would have in case of an OIL SPILL such as this. WE didn't have them available to use, "WHY"?
You would have thought that as brilliant as those democrats were that they would have followed Clinton's instructions to the tee, But NO we had to borrow these oil slings and then we could only get two of them, Great going Democrats, and then You have the NERVE to bitch about Bush and Katrina, You leftists are surely something, You all need to apologize for the things you said period. This Oil spill disaster is Obama's Katrina that is for absolute certain!

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